Woman Solves Unwanted Dick Pic Problem By Sending Picture To Mom

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Ladies, ever get a creepy, unwanted dick pic or jerk off shot from a dude online? There you were, talking about your favorite Jay-Z song and then all the sudden — blam! — there’s a dick all up in your inbox. That’s what happened to Sarah, who had posted a profile on the dating website Let’s Date, hoping to find someone nice. The 20-year-old Long Island, New York, woman was was minding her own business, talking about the weather — literally, talking about the weather — with a guy named Trevor, when he surprise dick-pic-ed her.

Sarah was understandably upset. “I don’t need to be disrespected by someone I don’t know,” she texted back to him. Sarah told Trevor to leave her alone, but he didn’t listen, and instead responded with a barrage of insults. Time and again she asked that he stop messaging her, but he wouldn’t.

But rather than just getting mad, she got even.

“Why do you think it’s okay to sexually harass girls you don’t know? I honestly think you deserve to have that uncomfortable conversation with your mother.” When he pleaded with her not to send the pic — “That is not right. Don’t do that it’s my mom” — Sarah texted back, “It is right. She should know how you perpetuate rape culture. I am sick of being treated like this.” Because Let’s Date is connected to Facebook, Sarah easily found Trevor’s mother’s contact information via his Facebook profile. She then helpfully forwarded the dick pic to his mom with a note telling her that she ought to be concerned about Trevor’s treatment of women. That was on Friday, and she still hasn’t heard back from his mom, but it’s safe to say that Sarah won’t be hearing from Trevor again.

You can check out the whole exchange below. [Daily Dot]

Original by: Julie Gerstein

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