Women Don’t Apply To “Male-Sounding” Job Postings, Whatever That Means

Wendy Stokesby:


  • A small study of 260 people found that women are deterred by the language in job postings, particularly when “male-sounding” words are used like “aggressive” and “assertive.” Instead, ladies responded to ads using words like “sociable” and “dedicated.” Surprise, surprise, language in job postings didn’t deter dudes at all. [EurekaAlert]
  • Do you work for one of these 71 companies which don’t want to cover birth control in their health insurance plans? If Hobby Lobby is successful at the Supreme Court, these non-religious businesses just might be able to do so. [Mother Jones]
  • Welcome to North Carolina, where Republican wannabe-politicians tell 6th graders that gay marriage is like “a man marrying a dog.” [Raw Story]
  • How the cost of teen pregnancy convinced Mississippi to teach sex ed. [LA Times]
  • A Republican politician in Oklahoma is standing up to his party over their attempts to further restrict reproductive rights, like preventing teens under 17 from accessing Plan B. [Think Progress]
  • Anisha, a 24-year-old victim of “revenge porn,” speaks out about how she is now on 200 websites. [BBC Radio]
  • On the “missing women” the media ignores. [Salon]
  • Why articles like the New York Times piece on “how to explain bitcoin to your mom” are really fucking offensive. [Slate]
  • How much was Jane Austin paid for writing some of the best books in history? (Not enough.) [The Billfold]
  • Revisiting Cyndi Lauper’s girl power anthem “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” 30 years later. [The Atlantic]
  • Here’s one young woman’s story about being slut-shamed by her South Asian parents. [xoJane]

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