10 Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Living Room

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Do you know that your living room speaks a thousand words about your personality? Yes, it does, it talks with your guests and gives them a glimpse about you and your lifestyle. As a living room reveals so much about you, it has to be beautiful.

You can make everything in your living room look nicer like stainless steel railing or the doors or cupboards by using the right kind of decorative items. Whatever you choose for the decoration of your living room, it has to resemble your personality.

Let’s explore a few ways to give a cozy touch to the first room of your house; after all, you spend most of your time here.

1. The Right Furniture

Furniture is like the soul of your living room. Once you enter your living room, furniture is the first thing you will notice. When you pick a sofa for your living room, keep the area of the room in mind. A large sofa in a small living room will mess up everything. To give an elegant and sober look to your living room, stick to a simple sofa because you can decorate it in different ways.

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2. Colour of Walls

The colour you are going to chose for the walls of your living room will be the decision makers of all the decorations you will hang on the wall. A vibrant orange colour can give a warm look to your living area. If you love experiments, then you can choose the dark shades of grey for the walls of your living area. The wall hangings and other decorative items will look more beautiful on the grey walls.

3. Lights

The lights of the living room not only illuminate the place but set up the mood as well. You can use three types of lights in your living room- ambient, task, and accent. The ambient light should be bright to illuminate the living room, and task and accent lights should be dim and to highlight a particular zone.

4. The Lamps and Chandelier

Lamps are not only for the bedrooms, but they enhance the beauty of your living room as well. The floor lamps and tripod floor lamps at the side of your couch give a contemporary look to your living room. You need to be very careful while choosing the lamps and chandelier for your living room.

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5. The Rugs

Also don’t forget to pick up a good vacuum (tons of excellent vacuum reviews here). Ideally you want one one that can handle your new rug, cleaning under the sofa, around decor, etc.

You cannot ignore even the smallest detail of your living room to make it livelier. Rugs become the central point of attractions, especially in daylight. For the rugs, you should stick to the thumb rule to have a rug only for the sitting area rather than the overall floor of the living room.  Be cautious about the size of the rugs because the huge rug in a small living room can make it look like a dwarf.

6. Cushions for the Living Room

If you want to re-design your living room, then you can do it easily by changing the cushions of your sofa.  Use some colour contrast with sofa and cushions to give a cool look to your living area. Never use the same colour combination for all the cushions.

7. The Plants

You can decorate your living room with indoor plants. Put some small plants at windows in bright sunshine if the area of your living room in not large. For a larger living room, you can have a big plant beside the sofa.

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8. Paintings

Paintings make the walls look beautiful. You can have an artwork just above the sofa or at either side of the window. The Artwork you chose should resemble your personality, and it should complement the wall colour.

9. Clothes for Window

The curtains for the living room should be light weighted. The colour of curtains should match with one of the objects in your living room like cushions or sofas. But it should not be the same as the colour of your living room’s walls.

10. The Personal Touch

You can give a personal touch to your living room by adding some photos of you and your family members on the walls of the living room. The number and size of photos must depend on the size of the wall.

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Wrapping Up

Decorating your living room is a hell of a job, and we all want to make our home look welcoming. Decorating the living room according to your taste is definitely very important and decorating it according to your taste and style is even more important. We hope these tips will help you in doing the job perfectly.

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