15 Best Websites to Watch Online Movies and TV Shows for Free

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Sometimes when you’re too lazy to go to the cinema or you think that the theater tickets are overpriced, you can still have a fantastic stay-in night with a good movie or TV show. Thanks to the rapid advancements of technology (streaming, in particular) that’s now perfectly possible. All you need is a TV or a computer and the rest is up to you. What’s more, there are even websites that allow you to play video content on your phone or other devices.

So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the list of 15 best sites to watch movies and TV shows online in 2019.

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Source: topbestalternatives.com

The thing that wins users over is the simplicity of Putlocker and the easy navigation. Thanks to the clearly-visible bar at the homepage, you can search for your favorite flicks at once.

Those that don’t know the exact tile or even a keyword of it, though, have an opportunity to go to the other pages and explore all the categories.


Source: Pinterest

When it comes to the latest movies that are popular around the world, 123Movies is the right place to go to. It has them all sorted into categories by their genre.

To assist you in making your decision what to watch, the site also offers a preview right at the top of the homepage where films that are popular on the box office charts and the most rated ones are presented with a poster and a short plot description.


Source: Howtoremoveit

All this site does is take movies that are in the public domain from other platforms and organize them so that you can easily find them and watch them.

There are both short and long free flicks that are put all on a single page and sorted by the genre and year of release.


Source: topbestalternatives.com

Once you click on Putlockers, you are greeted by the category ‘New Movies’, which contains videos that have recently been added to the platform. That way you can be certain that you watch something fresh that people are still buzzing about.

Also, some interesting categories you’ll encounter here are Asian movies and anime.

Pluto TV

Source: The Daily Dot

If you are a person that prefers to have more options, you’ll love this site. It gives you a chance to pick whether you want to watch on-demand films or ones that go live. Furthermore, its whole interface is made to resemble a guide with flicks that are coming up live and a list of those that have already ended but are still available.

To reach more people, Pluto TV has an app suitable for Android, iOS, and other devices.


Source: Denver Public Library

Kanopy is different than the other platforms in one key thing – it requires you to have a library card in order to be able to access the offered movies. To find one in your area, you have the option ‘Where are you from?’ that shows you the libraries.

The trouble is all worth it when you think of what you get like full movies in almost all genres, documentaries, independent films, business films, and many more that are added on a monthly basis.

Top Documentary Films

Source: How-To Geek

Not always do people want to see popular blockbusters with celebrities in them. At times, all you want to do is learn new things through documentary movies. Top Documentary Films is a site that provides this at absolutely no charge and hidden requirements.

It has loads of documentaries spread across categories and almost all videos come without advertisements.


Source: AddictiveTips

No matter where you watch the movies, on a smaller or a bigger screen, Crackle provides high-quality videos suitable for all devices. And there are truly a lot of them to choose from. This is understandable considering the fact that Crackle is owned by Sony.

Even though for some viewers it may be a downside that there are a few ads that appear while you are watching a film, it’s all worth it when you take a peek at the large collection of the latest blockbusters with movie stars you are well familiar with.


Source: pinterest.com

Did you know that you can watch more than just short videos on YouTube? Yes, the platform has special free sections filled with free full-length movies.

As the interface is well-known to everyone, you’ll have no trouble utilizing it at all. Just select a free film and click on it.

It’s worth mentioning that a great deal of the full flicks is paid, but there are some good ones free of charge, as well.


Source: Tubi

Tubi has a bunch of free movies and shows to watch. However, the watching area can be sometimes covered by a few commercial while the movie is playing. Also, there isn’t a comments section for sharing your opinions on what you have seen.

On the other hand, this is one of the rare websites with subtitles on the movies for a better experience. And the videos on it are in a high resolution.


Source: streamfree.tv

A helpful feature on Yidio is the one for seeing the movies’ scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Not that this will change much, but you’ll still be able to see how well your selected film fares with the other fans out there.

Also, there’s a special category, containing just free movies to speed up your searching.


Source: topbestalternative

Guess what? Viewster is connected to some huge providers like HBO, STARZ, BBC, and others similar to them, allowing you to stream videos in their production.

Actually, it’s a platform where you may encounter flicks you know and don’t know at all, which makes the whole experience even more fun. As it has an app, you can watch the videos on the go, too.


Source: Digital Trends

You neither need to create an account nor to pay anything in order to get to the 1,500+ movies and still counting. In fact, new ones arrive all the time.

Starting from horror, drama, and adventure to comedy and romance, there’s something for everyone here. Not to forget, you can find some real gems like originals from film schools and feature web.


Source: PhonePlusMag

What people find attractive about this site is the overly large collection of flicks that are available to watch for free at all times. They are placed in categories that range from ‘most popular’ and ‘most reviewed’ to ‘newly added’ and genre.

What’s more, it features some collections that are curated by the users and editors in accordance with viewers’ preferences.

The Roku Channel

Source: Newsroom – Roku

There are many things you can watch and stream on The Roku Channel like movies, TV series, and even live television. Of course, for maximizing the experience, it’d be nice if you had a Roku TV or a player that you can add the app to.

People get bored sometimes by the ads that may pop up while you watch, but they are harmless and are a good compensation for the high quality and the famous titles you are given for free.

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  1. Avatar Eve Hunt says:

    While Tubi TV is free, you do have to register to watch movies and shows on the site.

    The browsing setup reminded me of Netflix: they have sections such as Most Popular, New Arrivals, Leaving Soon, and Not on Netflix, which was fun to see.

    The site featured some old classics such as A Fish Called Wanda and Robocop, and some newer movies such as Empire State.

    It was nice to see an Indie section as well as a Comic Con section on the site too. Bottom line: lots of choices and a great way to have a Netflix-like option for free.

    Tubi TV supports all of the usual viewing options such as certain smart TVs, Android devices, PlayStation, Xbox and Roku

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