20 Cringeworthy Moments When Fashion Hurts

Wendy Stokesby:


Earlier this week, I nearly put myself out of commission with a woefully sore back and shoulders after I tried a little too hard to pull a stubborn turtleneck over my head and got it caught on my neck. The fear that I’d done serious damage lasted a few days, but the shame of injuring myself with a shrunken overpriced shirt will last a lifetime. Why is style so painful sometimes? Be careful while getting dressed to avoid these common fashion injuries…

1. Toes peeking out of too-tight sandals.

2. Side zippers and the pinched skin crises that follow.

3. The little metal hooks on the tops of side zippers, which are their own nightmares.

4. When you layer two pairs of hose and they proceed to crush your intestines.

5. Costume jewelry on sensitive skin. All kinds of infected flare-ups.

6. Bunions.

7. Hammer toes.

8. Muscle strains when trying to wriggle out of a too-small dress in a fitting room without ripping it.

9. Pricked fingers from trying to sew loose buttons.

10. Tripping over unhemmed pants.

11. Chafing.

12. Yeast infections from ill-advised tights and leggings.

13. Eyelash curler accidents.

14. Indentations left on your stomach after taking off Spanx.

15. Bloody feet from breaking in stiff shoes.

16. Nerve damage from skinny jeans.

17. Foot strain from gripping your flip-flops with your toes.

18. Itchy skin from scratchy sweaters or bad laundry detergent.

19. Crushingly tight bra bands.

20. Sore feet from arch-free ballet flats.

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Original by Claire Hannum

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