Simple Shopping App Shows You Cheapest Price Online

Wendy Stokesby:


Did you miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Don’t worry, the deals are still readily available. And if you’re trolling the Internet for savings instead of working, here’s the perfect way to save time: Firefox has a new shopping app called InvisibleHand which basically does your dirty work for you. Search for the item you want to buy, and while you’re online shopping, a drop-down will alert you to any lower prices that exist for the product from a variety of 100 different retailers. It’s basically like the ultimate coupon, without all the clipping and searching for deals. The best part is that InvisibleHand learns your shopping preferences, and suggests deals to you before you even know you want to buy something. Is this my shopping subconscious? [Mashable]

Original by Bianca Posterli

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