4 Struggles Interracial Couples Face

Boris Cumboby:


There’s the sophistication that comes with interracial dating. We all envy that one friend who has won the heart of a pretty Latina woman. Wait a minute. Latina women aren’t just pretty; they are the definition of hot. We all desire such relationships, but if you ask them, they are not usually as happy as they seem to be. For a long time now, society has shunned interracial relationships. As human beings, we tend to judge other people and ourselves by how society dictates life should be. Interracial dating is sometimes viewed as taboo, and the people in such relationships face criticisms from family, friends, and society at large.

The new generation, however, seems to have started embracing interracial relationships tremendously. This is mainly due to the availability of interracial dating sites that one can easily sign in and meet different beautiful women from all over the world. Here, girls chat and relationships are made.

The problem, however, is that not everyone sees the same light in different racial relationships. This racial discrimination, however, seems to be centered mostly in the western and Indian nations. A black man – white woman relationship in the United States would likely face massive criticism than in Africa. An Indian woman marrying a non-Indian might also face being disowned, regardless of which continent the family resides.

Here are some of the struggles interracial couples undergo way too often:

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  • Rejection by the families

Families usually have a big say on who we finally settle down with. Most relationships have been broken due to family rejection. We all want our families to actually love the person we’re dating, and this can be a huge problem. The trick, however, is to show your family why they need to give your relationship a chance.

  • Ridicule by society

The judging stares and whispers in the supermarket or at church might make such couples hideaway or move to a different country. People will always have something to say. The secret is to ignore the naysayers and focus on what actually matters.

  • Difference of Opinion

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In interracial relationships, disagreements may occur at the early stages of the relationship. This is because both couples have been subjected to different cultures. Couples need to establish a strong friendship bond before they decide to date so that they don’t get to break up a few days into the relationship.

  • Inability to find a middle ground

Sometimes, couples usually get overwhelmed by their differences and the problems they encounter. They may, in turn, fail to see a middle ground on their differences. Relationships require one of the parties to make a compromise for it to work.

We all love using the phrase “Love is blind.” Well, it actually is. When you love someone, everything else stops to matter. You automatically love the way they dress, the way they eat, and even the way they laugh. Most of the time, race simply ceases to matter. The most important aspect of every relationship is getting to understand each other, and being able to overcome the obstacles you face as a couple.

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