5 Tips to Get Sex on Your First Date

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In the hookup market, first date sex is a success. Because why wait long? Why wait 1+ weeks for 2nd, 3rd, and more “delays”?

You shouldn’t.

However, understand that 1st date sex isn’t easy. It takes the right strategy to make that happen…But no worries. We’ll guide you through the process, especially if it’s your first time dating. We’ll mention 5 tips to make the first date sex a reality!

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1. Start With Free Hookup Sites

If you want “the first date” sex, look online. Specifically, look at free hookup sites. Because that’s where your market is. Others who want first date sex lurk there too…You just need to match yourself with them. And if you think about it, why pay for “the chance of sex”? You’re better off hiring a prostitute if that’s the case. So keep it free. Don’t pay to play.

How Do I Pick the Right Site?

Don’t be picky. Try what you can find. You’re not fishing for a Cinderella. You just need an average sex partner. So you need to keep your options open…However, you can prioritize. Start with the larger free hookup sites. Excellent options are “InstantHookups” and “Flirt.” They’re mostly free. You don’t need to pay for extra matches. And you can use them on your smartphone!

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But Isn’t Offline Better?

For hookups? We doubt that. The offline game is harder than online. There, first time dating is expensive. After all, you need to dress well, find a restaurant, etc. Also, you’re not fully sure of your date’s intentions. Maybe they want to delay sex. Or, maybe they want a long-term relationship (which you’re avoiding). So keep it online. You can easily advertise your intentions there without mind games. And you can move on from mismatches quick. However – there’s an aspect of offline dating that you need. That would be…

2. Keep it Local

You won’t get first date sex if you date internationally. Heck, you’ll struggle to get it if you date across cities! Keep your search in your area. Keep it within your city. Make sure you don’t need to commute long to meet your prospect. It’s easier for both of you. And you can better synchronize your schedules that way!

Search Online – And Locally

This is your biggest “filtering” priority. Set aside looks for now. When filtering, your primary criterion is location. Following that, customize as you wish…And this is easy. Many dating sites provide quick filtering options. Otherwise, they risk losing you to competitors. But it doesn’t stop here. There’s more work to do after address filtering. That would be…

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3. Read Profiles Carefully

Don’t judge a book by its cover. And don’t judge a date by their face. Attractive or not, get to know their priorities. Their profiles indicate that. Look for prospects whose priority is hookups. Make sure that’s clearly listed. Or at least, make sure it’s strongly implied.

What if I Can’t Find One?

Then you need subtle aiming tactics. You’ll need guesswork here. But there are demographics that work well as first date sex targets!

4. Judge by Lifestyle

To make that happen, you need a back and forth conversation. You need to message the prospect, get their attention (and then) evaluate them by what they say. The following scenarios indicate good chances of first date sex…

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A) Recent Breakup

With breakups come intense emotions – like anger, frustration, depression, etc. It’s a tense place to be in. And sometimes, prospects want to blow steam through a casual hookup.

B) Partyholic

If your prospect regularly frequents nightclubs (or night social events), chance are – they make good targets. After all, they’re used to being hit on offline. And they’ve probably had first date encounters or two…So they might be accepting of your proposition.

5. Look Good

The last tip on our list. You need to give your date reasons for first date sex. And nothing is better than a hot body to enjoy…If you want hookups as part of your lifestyle, get in shape. Make sure you’re fit to attract before you go out hunting. It eases your efforts. And you’ll connect with a match in no time!

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