5 Trendy Fusion Ideas of Western – Style Outfits Made With African Fabric

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The growth of technology and the ever-expanding consumerist culture is making the world a global village. Unlike in the past, it is easier now for people to move anywhere around the globe and be part of the local community and culture.

The benefit of a multicultural society is the sharing of ideas. Fashion is among the fruits of such interconnectivity.

The following clothing examples are some of the fusion ideas where western style outfits produced with African fabric look gorgeous and trendy. This underscores the fact that fashion is also an art in itself.

1. Short Skirt and Shorts with African Prints

Shorts and short skirts are for the easy-going, especially during the hot summers. It is not uncommon to find people wearing shorts and t-shirts when outdoors. The outfit feels more comfortable in blazing hot weather.

Shorts made in African prints are not only breathtaking but also adorable. And when combined with the jersey of your favorite team, the shorts or skirt make the look more fashionable.

So, whether you’re going to the beach or just enjoying the beautiful outdoors, the short skirt or shorts made with African fabric are trendy. They are the most natural way you attract attention, without being excessive.

The fun part is you can make these kinds of dresses on your own if you have a basic sewing machine and a serger. These are very easy to make too.

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2. Trendy Crop Tops with Denim

Crop tops are western in every way. However, with African fabric, they are slowly finding their way into the fashion market, and they look stylish, as well as, irresistible.

The African print on the crop tops adds some level of sophistication and style. It underscores a feeling of being part of the global citizen or part of the community without borders. It is an excellent blend of the western world and the best from Africa.

And while denim is quite universal, they complement the trendy crop tops effortlessly. And to take a look even farther, some ladies wear a marching head cloth and shoes. Unfortunately, this is not a look for the people who want to keep it low profile.

The crop tops can be available in a variety of colors, and so you can choose your favorite. You can also choose to have several of them, with different styles and colors.

Img Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BflUT-dAf9a/

3. African Print on Blazers

Blazers are synonymous with the corporate world, and they are the formal wear for both men and women in the workplace.

However, blazers adorning the African print are slowly sneaking their way into the corporate culture. Maybe it may not emerge as the formal wear, but they are a way of making a statement.

You may not wear them during regular working hours, but they make you stand out especially during casual Fridays. That is if your company has days that you can adorn casual wear.

And to complement the blazers, you can wear dark trousers, and they will do justice to highlight the blazers.

But it is not only for men – but ladies can also wear the same thing. Only instead of trousers, they can wear dark skirts. But that does not mean the pants, and especially denim will look any different. The African print blazer is the source of the exclusive focus.

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4. African Fabric Chiffon Tops

Chiffon tops using African fabric will guarantee a classy and sophisticated look. The final result is even better when the tops are combined with careful matching pants. You can wear the attire to the office if you want to.

It doesn’t look too casual and can fit as an official piece of cloth that you can wear to the workplace without attracting unnecessary attention. Decency is an essential factor when it comes to formal wear.

Thankfully, the Chiffon tops do not go overboard regarding revealing more than necessary. But that does not mean it is unnoticeable. In contrast, it is quite appealing and, in a way, enhances your facial features.

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5. African Fabric Dresses

The options for dresses with African fabric are numerous. You only need to find a good tailor or designer that will use your ideas and their skills to produce something marvelous.

Some of the western style dresses are usually above the knee. The good thing is that you can customize according to your shape and size. What makes the dresses using African fabric standout in the crowd is the embroidery, frills, and patterns.

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