5 Wonderful Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Women

Danielle Grangerby:


The fashion industry has changed its views about plus-sized women dramatically. Because there are a lot of women with curves, finding the right clothes can be a challenge. Here are several fashion tips for plus sized women that will help you feel even more comfortable about your body than you already are, without breaking the bank.

1. Body Shape

Look at your body shape and take a few notes. Are you a triangle figure? Hourglass? Diamond (smaller bust, wider waist)? Oval? Figure 8? Inverted triangle (wider shoulders, bigger bust)? Figuring this out is the first step in buying styles that flatter your figure instead of making you look like you don’t know what you bought. (Which is always a cardinal sin when buying clothes.) The reason? Once you know your body shape, you will avoid buying clothes that make you look bulky.

source: youthincmag.com

2. Undergarments

Ashley Graham is a successful model who knows a thing or two about wearing (and not wearing) fashion. Her advice? “It starts with the bra. Plus, you can show your lingerie off underneath your clothes – it will make you feel all kinds of sexy.” Want to wear sexy lingerie?

3. Colors

There are no rules in the world of color; it works, or it doesn’t. What is a rule, however, is to make sure that it works well with your complexion? Editorial director of an online shopping mall for plus-size, Nancy LeWinter, said that even “bright red can be slimming when the cut and fit flatter your shape.”

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4. Dresses/Tops

Do you have a fuller upper body shape? You may want to try V-neck tops. Your neckline will look elongated, and your upper body may look thinner. When you’re shopping for dresses, it should fit your body and flatter it – obviously. But it may take just the right accessory (such as a belt) to cinch your waist. Fitted undergarments achieve the same look you may be going for. If you want to accentuate certain parts on your body, opt for clothes with too many details on those parts of the body. Otherwise, stay away from heavily-detailed designs.

5. Ditch the Bagginess

While you may be tempted to wear baggier clothing to slim your curves, they have the opposite effect. The fact is: they make you look bulkier than normal, which doesn’t look good on anyone – at all. Opt for fashion that follows your curves without clinging to it. A lot of fabrics have a good amount of “stretch” to make a smooth, and sexy look. Ashley Graham also suggests wearing neoprene skirts, which smooths out your lower half, instead of Spanx. And if the bottoms you have are already baggy? Ashley Graham suggests wearing a shorter top.

source: liveabout.com


Being plus size doesn’t have to be stressful. When it’s time to shop fashion, keep these tips in mind to make shopping even easier for you. You don’t have to stay up with the times to be fashionable. Just a last word of advice: another thing you should consider: when you’re shopping for jeans, do a few deep squats to test the quality of them. If they ride up your figure, they’re not the right jeans – and will reveal places on your body you might not want to reveal if that’s the look you’re going for. Jeans that stay in place are a good pair. They should also never be white-washed, as they will draw even more attention to areas. The key point overall this is to draw attention, using your style, where you want attention.

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