7 Condoms Stronger Than The Rest


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Condoms aren’t exactly effective if they tear, break, or don’t hold up to whatever rough stuff you’ve got going on in the bedroom, so ShopSmart magazine put 500 samples of 22 condom models to the test for its December issue. The rubbers were put through the ringer by an outside lab that inflated them like balloons until they burst to test their strength and submerged them in saline solution zapped with electricity to check for holes. The good news is that all of the condoms passed minimum requirements. However, some of them were better than others, and out of these seven, none had a single hole or tear (industry standards allow for a certain number of defects per batch). Click through to see which condom models more than passed the test, and how much they cost per condom. [ShopSmart]

  • Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive, 71 cents per condom
  • Lifestyles Warming Pleasure, 75 cents per condom
  • Trojan Ultra Thin, 84 cents per condom
  • Trojan Magnum, 86 cents per condom
  • Durex Performax, 96 cents per condom
  • Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy, $1.10 per condom
  • Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy, $1.10 per condom

One ShopSmart recommends you stay away from is Night Light Glow-in-the-Dark condoms. Sure, they might be fun during a blackout, but they exploded more easily when filled with air and too many had holes.

Original by Catherine Strawn

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