7 Sexy Dude Halloween Costumes You Never Thought Of Before

Wendy Stokesby:


Every year, The Frisky prides itself on helping you make your Halloween costume dreams a reality and tell you which ones will not get you laid. We know it’s hard for you, guys. Dudes don’t have the same options as women when it comes to throwing cat ears on with your LBD and all of a sudden having a “sexy” cat costume. But never fear — with a little creativity and the right attitude, you can be “sexy,” too.

This year, why not try a sex-ify a regular Halloween costume you never thought of before?

1. Sexy Janitor


Cleanliness is next to godliness, after all … sex godliness. You’ll have the ladies sayin’ “That janitor can wax my floors anytime!”

2. Sexy Mime

I’m trying really hard to think of a sex pun about being trapped in a box, you guys. Give me time.

3. Sexy Baker

He’ll get his fingers all up in your fur pie and make your dough rise.

4. Sexy Santa


Naughty girls can’t resist sitting on Santa’s lap.

5. Sexy Farmer

This costume is super easy: all you need to do is carry around a big cock.

6. Sexy Accountant


If anyone compliments you on your “nerd” costume, remind them what is decidedly not sexy: the IRS.

7. Sexy Chef


This cook specializes in beefcake.  Every (smart) guy knows that women think men who can cook are hella sexy, so grab yourself a frying pan and call yourself Mario Batali. (No Crocs please.)

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