The 12 Most Common Dating Fetishes


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Last week I revealed my dating fetish and the Friskyverse so graciously responded by sharing theirs. Reading through the comments, I was reminded, once again, of how crazy specific everyone’s taste is. Just goes to show that one should not to take it too personally when rejection occurs in the dating world. You never really know what a person is into, huh? After the jump, the Friskyverse’s most common dating fetishes.

  1. Facial hair. Scruff, beards, any kind of facial hair on men seems to get Frisky ladies hot and bothered. Especially if a beard grows in a different color than the hair. Never even noticed that, but you’d better believe I will now.
  2. Height. Friskians love a tall guy. Like practically a giant. If he’s 6-feet or over, we are probably drooling.
  3. Dark hair. Tall, dark, and handsome never really goes out of style does it? According to our readers, no.
  4. Glasses. Holler glasses fetishists! I know I’m into it. Four-eyed guys are so hot.
  5. Light eyes. We like to gaze into a sexy pair of blue or green eyes. Mmmmmm.
  6. Technical prowess. We can’t resist a man who can talk techie to us. Nerd love in the house.
  7. Dark skin. Whether he has a deep tan or he’s an ethnic Adonis, we have thing for the dark-skinned boys.
  8. Bald. A man does not need a full head of hair to be a sexy. No, sir.
  9. Big noses. You know what they say, big nose, big … crush. ‘Sup Adrien Brody?
  10. Full mouth. Big lips are great for kissing. And other stuff.
  11. Muscles. It’s hard to resist a man who looks chiseled out of marble.
  12. Chub. But then again, it’s also hard to resist a man with a little extra something to hold on to.

Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry @xoamelia

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