A Father And Son Sexually Assaulted A Woman Together, Giving A Disgusting New Meaning To “Family Time”

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If you thought Brock Turner and his father were terrible excuses for the male species, a father and son allegedly sexually assaulted a women together at Illinois State University’s two-day orientation July 19. You might need to take a minute to scream into your pillow and think about how nasty some people really are. Shawn Childs Sr., the father, allegedly drugged a woman on campus, and then his son, Shawn Childs Jr. (they should get his and his towels in prison) allegedly raped her not once, but twice.

According to First Assistant State’s Attorney Adam Ghrist, the victim claimed Childs Sr. went to buy beer for the group, and she saw him put something in her drink before she consumed it. She started to feel sick and went back to her room to lay down. Childs Jr. reportedly followed her and raped her twice.

The next morning, she reported the incident to police and both men were arrested. The father had 22 ecstasy pills in his pocket when he was arrested, and his son admitted to police that the victim was “messed up” when he found her in her room. The father is being charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and his son with four counts of sexual assault. It’s a pretty fucked up situation all around.

ISU’s orientation, or “Preview” event as they call it, is usually a huge success, ISU Chief of Staff Jay Groves said, and there has never been any other criminal behavior. He added, “[The incident] has nothing to do with mischief and everything to do with terrible criminal behavior on the part of adults.” The parents stay in different dorms than the new students, so this shouldn’t have happened on so many levels.

Of course, the victim blaming has commenced on social media, with people suggesting the victim shouldn’t have consumed the drink after seeing someone put something in it. And yes, we need to teach women how to stand the fuck up for themselves and not be embarrassed to ask for another drink if they think it’s been messed with, because that is not as easy as it sounds. Peer pressure is real and usually, just in general, when a woman speaks up for herself, she runs into pushback. Whether it’s a college party, a work event, or a date, it’s not as easy as “well, why did she still drink it?” And, it’s important to note that sometimes you don’t realize something was suspicious until you look back on it later.

But regardless of what happened, it’s not her fault. What about teaching grown men they shouldn’t put things in women’s drinks (looking at you, Childs Sr.) or follow a wasted woman back to her dorm room to fuck her without her consent (looking at you, Childs Jr.)?

It’s not just “adults behaving badly,” as the university stated. Sure, Childs Sr. allegedly behaved badly and so did his son, but it’s our culture, especially campus culture, that behaves badly by not taking rape culture seriously or taking real steps to prevent it. What if at that orientation there had been a lecture about rape culture and being respectful and responsible for your actions at all times? It’s time for everyone to get with the program.

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