A PR Company Wants To Know If We Have “Party Vaginas”


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One of the fun things about working in this industry is all the weird public relations emails you get. My favorites for a while were the ones concerning my preparation for made up holidays like “National Hot Dog Day” and “International Track Lighting Appreciation Week” or what have you. I am exceedingly fond of the emails I get from Quaker Oats. While I’ve only covered my love of porridge once on this site, I do appreciate being kept up to date with the latest in porridge-related news.

They have since been replaced.

The other day, I got a PR email asking “Is My Vagina A Party Vagina?”

A lot of things ran through my head upon reading that subject line. I think at first I assumed it was a humorous pitch from a freelancer, and I was frankly kind of excited about it. But it was not that! It was a PR email from a company concerned about whether or not we at The Frisky have party vaginas.

Hello Robyn,

We all have had our fun in our youth but now days when you look down do you wonder: Is My Vagina A Party Vagina? Unfortunately, it is not only our “partying” ways that may have led to a more loose package but also life itself. Childbirth, menopause, weight loss and many other factors play into how our vagina looks, feels and works including incontinence. Dr. Caroline Deluca can offer insight into these issues and ways to resolve them.

For more information on VSPOT and this topic or to speak to Dr. Deluca or VSPOT Founder and former Real Housewife of New York Cindy Barshop please let me know and I can coordinate for you.

You know what? No! I do not wonder that! I don’t even know what a party vagina is! At first I figured it was a good thing–like, I should perhaps be concerned that my vagina was not fun enough at parties. Perhaps it involved confetti, those roll-up noisemakers, or sparkling cocktail chatter? Was this PR company concerned that my vagina was perhaps a wallflower? Did they think it needed a party hat?

Alas, it turns out that having a party vagina is not a good thing. It means that your vagina has done too much partying, played too much “Duck, Duck Clit” or something, and therefore needs to be rejuvenated.


Don’t get me wrong–I fully support women getting vaginal rejuvenation surgery if they want/need it. Obviously! I think it can be a great thing if it helps women with things like sexual gratification and incontinence. However….”party vagina?” Really? I think things like this can be marketed to women without shaming them for their (allegedly) too social vaginas.

Original by Robyn Pennacchia


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