A short guide to selling a house without an agent

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It’s no secret that selling a house, even with the professional help of a top real estate agent, can be a laborious task. Trying to sell one yourself is going to be even more demanding, but it is very much doable. After the deal is closed and your house officially sold, the real estate agent and the buyer’s agent will share around 7 percent of the sale price as their commission, and 7 percent isn’t a small amount to lose to agents. After selling and buying more properties, you kind of start to get a hang of it and that’s usually when you start to realize that you’ve been paying the agent a good amount of money for something that you could’ve done yourself. Of course, a professional will always do a better job, and they’ll probably do it faster too, but you have to ask yourself is it truly worth that much money? In case you do decide to sell your home yourself, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

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Price your home

Make sure to price your house competitively. Do some research to see what the prices are in your neighborhood and then adjust the price of your home based on what you’ve found out. Try not to get too emotional. We understand it can be difficult, but keep in mind that you’re trying to sell your home fast so the price can’t be way too high. Many tend to spend a lot of time determining the right market value of their property. Try not to be one of them! You can even use real estate evaluation websites or hire an appraiser. Even though you decided not to pay the agent, you can still ask for help. There are certain companies that will come your way and clearly say we buy houses in Lincoln Nebraska and who are ready to help do your business quickly and painless!

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Take photos, market the property and hold open houses

List your home on the MLS, put “for sale” signs, put ads on real estate websites, Craigslist… Also, make some of the best photos of your property since they will be doing the majority of the work. If they don’t do the home justice, they can do more harm than good so make sure to spend enough time on taking high-quality photos. This is also something you don’t have to do yourself, but instead, hire a professional photographer that will charge you probably around 200$.

Arrange the viewings. Since you’re trying to sell the home on your own and there won’t be any agents to show your property to potential buyers, you can ask your family and friends for help.

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Negotiating and closing the deal

You need to be ready for some serious negotiating. If you’re not someone with mad negotiating skills or you get easily intimidated while negotiating, maybe you should consider asking for someone’s help. Of course, you mustn’t get too aggressive either, but keep the communication friendly and make the potential buyer feel comfortable during the negotiation process. Once you’ve decided to accept the offer, your job is almost done. All you have to do now is exchange contracts and hire someone to sort out the legal work.

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