Abbi And Ilana Did An Ask Me Anything And Proved That They Really Do Know Everything

Wendy Stokesby:


Long live the kweens! Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are killing it, as you know, with the success of Broad City and not to mention the anticipation of Ilana’s upcoming Time Traveling BongThe two comedic icons did an ‘ask me anything’ over Twitter where fans could use the hashtag #askbroadcity and ask the girls literally anything.

Some questions the girls type back quick responses to, but the selfie-video responses are a far more intimate approach. Especially when you can hear the other answering their own question in the background, it’s like you’re sitting on the couch with them. Here are some of my personal favs.

On the ever-important subject of pegging:


Why go with the names ‘Abbi’ and ‘Ilana’?

Here Ilana gets sentimental:


You heard the woman, do it!

4/20 plans?

On the big O:

Abbi is so knowledgable on everything, that she has a book coming out in October. Carry This Book will answer the ever-burning questions like, “How many self-tanning lotions are in Donald Trump’s weekender? What’s inside Martha Stewart’s hand-knit fanny pack? What kind of protein bars does Michelle Obama hide in her tiny clutch at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?”

It’s my hope that they do more sessions like this in the near future. Sometimes the lines blur between the chracters “Abbi” and “Ilana” and the actual human beings that are Abbi and Ilana. This sort of thing is a nice glimpse into the creative minds that bring our favorite girls to life on screen and remind us that they are people just like us that have 4/20 plans and do not actually have an Oprah tattoo.


Original by: Liz Magee

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