Alex Rodrigues Cheated Jennifer Lopez-Is It True?

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Recently, rumors came that Jennifer Lopez is allegedly “devastated” for new information that appeared about Alex’s love affair with Zoe Gregory. Allegedly, the former baseball player cheated J-Lo with the Playboy model. We must immediately say that this news is completely incorrect and that we have solid evidence that can confirm this.

A few of weeks ago, Zoe told a British tabloid called Sun that Alex had just been involved with Jennifer propositioned her. This was allegedly occurred during texting each other. However, this statement is very suspicious, primarily because she did not show any visible evidence. Also, she said that Rodriguez persuaded her to send him “naughty videos.”

Source: Page Six

Another tabloid that reported this news was Star. They state that the “reliable” source has provided the following information to them:

“Jen loves Alex, but now she’s having serious doubts about marrying him. The biggest cut for Jen is that this supposedly happened right before Alex proposed.”

Also, the source reported that Alex “swears he’s been faithful, but now she’s second-guessing every little thing”, and this:

“For Jen, the reality is sinking in that there may not be a happily ever after with Alex. She’s telling friends that she’ll hire a P.I. to find out the truth. Once Jen has the facts, she will make her next move. “

So, we said that none of this is actually true. We learned from the source which is close to the couple that the things Zoe said were not interested in Lopez. In a recent interview, a popular singer said:

“I could not be happier. It’s great to have a great friend and a partner that you can really build with, and I just feel like with Alex and I, that’s what it’s like. “

Another solid proof are the photos we all saw on J-Lo’s Instagram account. These pictures clearly show that the love between Jennifer and Alex is strong and that some rumors can’t disturb them and spoil their happiness. For example, the pair were seen together at the Philadelphia Phillies stadium, and also, they and the children visited the MLB league match between New York Yankee and Baltimore Orioles.

Source: Daily Mail

Last year, in January, Star informed about fake news about engagement of Jennifer and Alex. As you know, they have been engaged this year, which is proof that the news was completely fake.

Also, in the same month last year, they reported another false information that J-Lo and Rodriguez would welcome a child. It is very obvious that this was not true. So, this tabloid can’t be trusted.


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