Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez- Relationship Timeline

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We have all witnessed the announcement of the engagement between the two and the announcement of the wedding that is supposed to take place in March 2019. This is the result of the relationship that has lasted for more than two years. It needs to be added that their children has also supported the marriage and that they get along very well. The first time that they met was in 2017, but it seems that he was in love with her for almost 20 years.

20 years

It should be noted that Jennifer had a career on the rise when Alex was just a baseball player at the start of his career. He even confessed that he once got Jennifer’s autograph that states: To Alex. With Love, Jennifer, and he still has it! This happened 20 years ago and Alex even posted it on social media by adding that a superstar gave him an autograph at that time.

How did they meet?

The first time that those two encountered was in 2005 when Jennifer has visited the Yankees game with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Twelve years passed since then and they started to officially date in 2017. There is one interesting thing about this date: Alex actually did not know that this actually was a date. In one interview, Jennifer also explained that Alex was very communicative that night and that he talked about a lot of things while she just listened. She also explained that she noticed how nervous he was since he wanted a drink.

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Both of them are really busy and they have their businesses and careers going on constantly so they decided to take a break and have a free weekend starting on the 8th March 2019. They decided that they would go to the Bahamas. Apparently, this was the opportunity for Alex to propose to Jennifer which he did during the sunset.



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