All The Famous People Who Went To Our High Schools

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We got into a discussion yesterday about famous people who went to our high school — those who we knew and those who we didn’t. It got really interesting when Julie told us about an infamous member of her graduating class. Not to be all name-droppy, but here’s a complete list of the most infamous/famous alums from our high schools after the jump. No, we didn’t include ourselves on the list. But who knows, maybe someday …

Ami: Chaparral High School

  • Actress Busy Philipps of “Cougar Town” and more. She’s been a good friend of mine since 2nd grade.
  • Jenny Mollen an actress who is married to Jason Biggs. We were in plays together.
  • News anchor, Jason Bellini. He was before my time, but I knew his brother Jarrett who works at CNN.
  • The Bella Twins who are wrestlers and professional models. Definitely did not know.
  • But I did know Playboy bunny, Tiffany Holiday, although her appearance is greatly altered. I believe that is her real name though.
  • Stephanie Meyer, author of Twilight. I wish I could claim I knew her.
  • And a few professional athletes, which I would know nothing about. Have you guys ever heard of Ike Davis or Kyle Williams? They went to my high school.

Amelia: San Diego School for Creative and Performing Arts

  • Despite going to a performing arts high school in Southern California, no one has really gone on to any sort of infamy. There was a girl named Samantha Becker a grade or two ahead of me who was on the short-lived — and terrible –“Saved By The Bell: The New Class.” I think there are a few people I went to high school with who now are in Broadway musicals and stuff, but, like, who cares?
  • However, I did briefly go to college (University California Santa Cruz) with two of the girls from the band The Donnas and the actor Matthew Gray Gubler, who is super hot and stars on “Criminal Minds.”

Julie: Clearview Regional High School

  • Apparently a kid in the grade below me worked as a writer on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”
  • Also, I went to school with a kid (whose name I shall not mention) who moved out to California and became a murderer. He apparently got really into drugs, and became a gay hustler. And one day, high on meth or whatever, killed his “John” in a rage, sodomizing him with a beer bottle and wrote “Fags Die” on the wall. It’s considered one of the most heinous hate crimes in California history. He’s serving life + 2 years in prison.

Rachel: Staples High School, The Beekman School/The Tutoring School

  • I didn’t go to school WITH these people, but they went to my high school.
  • Marilyn Chambers (super famous porn star). Toby from “The Office.” His real name is Paul Lieberstein. Christopher Lloyd, Tyler Hicks (NYT photographer who was a hostage in Libya), Lynsey Addario (photojournalist who was a hostage with Hicks in Libya), Daryl Wein who did “Breaking Upwards” and “Lola Versus,” Micah Sloat from “Paranormal Activity” (I went to school with his sibs).
  • Usher and Paris Hilton both went to the private school I went to in the city, which LOL.

Jessica: Fairfield High School (now Fairfield Warde High School)

  • John Mayer. You know that song where he sings “I want to run through the halls of my high school?” That’s my high school. He was around my older brother’s year. Supposedly he was dorky in high school. And he worked at the local gas station. His hunk status did not come until later in life.
  • Justin Long. Technically not MY high school, though; Justin went to the boys’ prep school in town. But I saw him frequently because we worked for the same coffee shop, albeit at different times.  I have seen him come in to the coffee shop when I’ve been home visiting and it’s funny how our old boss doesn’t treat him like he’s famous at all.  Also, he and his little brother Christian Long look EXACTLY alike.
  • Raviv Ullman/Ricky Ullman. Raviv starred on a show on the Disney Channel called “Phil Of The Future,” which he did right after graduating from high school. Raviv now goes by “Ricky” in Hollywood, which is so weird to me. We had gym class together and he was in a teen AIDS prevention club with my friend Ashley. Supposedly he had a big crush on Ashley, but she wasn’t interested because Raviv was so much younger. (And by so much, I mean he was a freshman when we were juniors.) Also Ashley and Raviv got in a car accident together once. Oh, and Raviv went to prom with my other friend’s little sister. That’s all the gossip I have about him, sorry.
  • Also, tennis player James Blake and golfer J.J. Henry went to my high school. Apparently they’re both good.

Winona: Banks High School in Banks, Oregon, home of the Banks BBQ and Tractor Demolition Derby

  • My high school was so rural and tiny that I don’t think we’ve had any famous alums, like, ever. Unless you count tractor pull winners …

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