An Anti-Abortion Group In Kansas Wants You To Beware of “Human-Animal” Hybrids

Wendy Stokesby:


There is no shortage of vastly important issues politicians have the utmost obligation to be transparent about. Where does Hillary stand on the transgender bathroom crisis? Where does Bernie stand on gun control? Where does Donald Trump stand on the use of hairspray? All of theses are issues responsible citizens want their public servants to discuss their views of. And, to Kansans for Life, politicians must be transparent about their stances on “human-animal hybrids,” the anti-choice political action group told the Kansas City Star.

The Kansas-based political action group sent a questionnaire to the state’s lawmakers, asking for their views regarding human cloning and human-animal hybrid experiments allegedly occurring, maybe not in Kansas “at this moment,” according to Kathy Ostrowski, legislative director of Kansans for Life, but probably “somewhere.”

To the point, the political action group asked state lawmakers in the questionnaire if they would support legislation that would impose on women seeking abortions invasive questions about “economic, educational and health history profiles and other relevant information, such as the stated reason for the abortion, from women obtaining abortions,” all to help them get to the bottom of these alleged, crazy under-the-table experiments which are presumably, as Ostrowski put it, “as wild west as abortion.”

Further, the questionnaire sought to know lawmakers’ stances on collecting information about  “fertility procedures, including the number of embryos created, implanted, destroyed, selectively reduced and retained.”

If you were wondering what mythical human-animal hybrids had to do with abortion and the anti-choice movement, there you are: It’s all about further stigmatizing abortion by associating it with crazy, mad science experiments. And, potentially, getting lawmakers to agree to compromise the sensitive information of abortion patients.

Ultimately, as Liberal America points out, following the logic of people who have managed to tune out science enough to think abortion is murdering live babies, if women are willing to sin to the extent of having an abortion, they must be willing to do all kinds of crazy shit:

“We now have these anti-abortion nuts who are so fearful about abortion that they’ve elevated it to thinking ‘Well, if these women are willing to have abortions, the ultimate sin, who knows what else might happen?! Maybe they’ll start implanting themselves with half-horse fetuses!’ How do you even make a leap in logic like that?!”

Naturally, Ostrowski contests this portrayal of the motives behind the group’s questionnaire. “That’s what we’re for: more information. Not shaming them, not giving their names,” she told the Star. “It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing for science.”

This makes sense… Or, at least it does when you consider how the only people who think any demands made by the anti-choice movement are a “good thing for science” are anti-choice people.

But hey, if you were to search hard enough, I’m sure you would find at least one scientist who would agree with this shit about human-animal hybrid experiments in connection with abortion as easily as you can find scientists who say human life begins at conception.

Meanwhile, Laura McQuade, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, saw through Kansans for Life’s bullshit and didn’t hesitate to call it out.

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“It’s part of their incremental strategy to say, ‘No, this is about science, this is about health and safety. We need this data.’ But we know that all of those ideas are shams,” McQuade told the Star. “It is about shaming and stigmatizing women who choose to have abortions.”

Jeez, as if all of the regulations placed on abortion in Kansas don’t shame and stigmatize women enough already.

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