An Insight on some famous Pole Dance Shoes Brands

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A lot of people are involved in doing pole-dance. They want a specific set of Shoes for this particular purpose. Here we will discuss some of the renowned Pole Dancing Shows brands, which you can opt for your pole dance shoes. By contacting this brand, you can assure to have quality as well as robust pole dance shoes for you. We have chosen these brands as they have the finest quality, credibility as well as an economical price range. Along with the above benefits, a wide variety of styles are available for the pole dancing shoes.


1)    Pleasers

This is the most renowned brand in the market for pole dancing shoes. “Pleasers” is a US-based company which was started in 1993. They are known for importing as well as distributing different styles of urban footwear. They are the leading provider of footwear for specific purposes including the pole dancing. Today, they have consumers in more than 100 countries.

This particular company is preferred by pole dancers across the world for very superior, sensuous as well as economical shoes. There is a specific shoe range for celebrities as well.

2)    Ellie Shoes

This is yet another famous brand of quality and stylish footwear. They are having specific specialization in the bedroom as well as Lingerie Footwear for ladies. They have a specific range of shoes, suiting the needs of pole dancers. They are known for their thigh-high, ankle and knee-high boots, which are available in varying colours. They manufacture shoes with length from 3 Inches to 8 Inches.

Source: The Dollhouse Fitness

3)    Bad Kitty

This is a famous brand which is known to sell exotic fashion items. In the year 2009, they become a seller of Pole Dancing accessories and apparel. They are very passionate about this art and very much enticed by the health benefits, this art can render.  They are the manufacturer of quality pole dancing shoes for the specific needs of pole dancers. They render the spiked, laced, glittered as well as printed designs, from which you can opt the best.

4)    Erosella

The Erosella brand is not as big as the other companies mentioned above, but still, they are a prominent name in the field of crafting pole dance shoes. They focus mainly on the slip-on, Roman style sandals and Peep Toes. They focus on limited segments however they are known for the exceptional quality of their products. Many pole dancers around the world trust this specific brand for their shoes.

Thus, we have seen some of the top brands rendering the Pole dancing shoes. In case you are looking for more pole dance shoes brands, you can do exhaustive research on the internet. If you are a professional pole dancer or you do it occasionally, you can contact the offices of these brands and can avail the best Pole dancing shoes.


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