7 Foremost Considerations When Choosing A Dentist

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When you are looking to acquire the services of a dentist, whether for check-ups, maintenance, ongoing

When you are looking to acquire the services of a dentist, whether, for check-ups, maintenance, ongoing care or for specialised treatments like restorative or cosmetic procedures, there are a few factors that you need to reflect upon before making your selection.

Source: Family Dental Care Group

1. Training & Services

Not all dentists are trained and have experience with performing the full selection of restorative or cosmetic procedures, and they may have to refer your case to a colleague, which is a less convenient preference. It is essential that you research the extent of clinical experience and training the dentist encompasses. And it is beneficial to enquire beforehand whether the dental practice offers the specific product brand or treatment that you want to be performed.

2. Referrals

General dentists that are not equipped to offer certain treatments may refer to the multifarious cosmetic or restorative cases to colleagues. It might be more advisable to seek the expertise of a dental practice like Civin DDS which can provide the full spectrum of services that you’re interested in.

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3. Emergency Services

Dental emergencies happen at any given time, and you may find yourself with damaged restorations or an oral trauma that needs to be sorted sooner rather than later. It is always a good idea to inquire whether they offer flexible weekend or after-hours appointment in case of an emergency.

4. New Dental Technologies

A dental practice that strives to invest in new technologies to enhance their treatment processes and overall patient experience are always a big plus point. They will often go the extra mile to invest money and time into purchasing up-to-date equipment, i.e. CAD/CAM equipment, dental laser equipment etc. These technologies as such may not necessarily improve the outcome of your treatment, but it can significantly impact the treatment experience, for instance, the amount of chair time for sessions.

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5. Patient Comfort

Dental anxiety among patients, therefore, several practices have a selection of services that cater specifically to patient comfort. These include making use of nitrous oxide or pre-medication, and some practices may even include aromatherapy, soothing music or headphones into the mix. You can ask the practice about patient comforts during your first consultation.

6. Cost

The cost of dental care varies from person to person and the variety of factors relating to their case. The location of the practice also plays a role in the cost of the treatment. For instance, treatment performed at outlying areas may be more cost-effective as opposed to a practice that is situated in Beverly Hills. It’s always advisable to obtain estimates beforehand to determine which option would suit your pocket the best while giving you the quality of work and dental expertise that you’re prepared to pay for.

Source: wheatoncosmeticdentist.com

7. Before and After

Most dental practitioners preserve a photo gallery containing before, and after pictures of cases, they’ve worked on previously.  It can be tremendously helpful to evaluate the quality of work which can be expected from the dentist. More so for cosmetic options that include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening etc.


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