Andrew Alexander on His Former Relationship with Kate Middleton

Dragana Stepicby:


According to Katie Nicholl, Kate Middleton had a huge crush on Andrew de Perlaky or Andrew Alexander, as he is known today. This happened a long time ago when both of them were 11 and starring together in a school production of My Fair Lady.

In her novel Kate: The Future Queen, Nicholl claims that Kate felt hard for young Andrew, but couldn’t work up the courage to tell him: “Andrew played the role of Freddie, who falls for Eliza, but she rebuffs him. There was a twist of irony to the tale, for in real life, Kate had quietly fallen for Andrew, the blond-haired, blue-eyed chorister with the voice of an angel. He was the best-looking boy in her year, and Kate had gotten to know him well as they were both in the school choir, but sadly for her, Andrew was already ‘dating’ her friend Fiona Beacroft.”

Source: The Frisky

Since Andrew was already involved with her friend, Kate decided not to interfere, letting the lovebirds enjoy their relationship, such as it was since they were both 11.

The star of Downton Abbey said that he was aware of Kate’s feelings for him and that she was to shy to admit it.

“It was funny because it was passed on to me, as happens at school, that Catherine liked me. She never told me that herself, she didn’t have the confidence. One of her friends, Fiona Beacroft, was my girlfriend at the time. She was more of a chatterbox and a bubblier character, but these were very innocent relationships, and very fleeting—sometimes they lasted a matter of days.”

He also revealed that kids at school often played Spin the Bottle in the nearby forest, but Kate never participated, being shy and reserved.


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