Anti-Vaxxers Are Maybe Starting Their Own Religion Now

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Earlier this year, the state of Vermont became the first state to no longer allow “philosophical” exemptions to their mandate that all public school children be vaccinated. Which is a pretty smart thing to do! They did, however, decide to continue to allow religious exemptions to the mandate — and now some anti-vaxxers are considering starting a new religion in order to side-step the law


Via AP:

Because Vermont is first down this particular path, there’s no answer to the question of whether states see a new-found interest in religion upon removing the philosophical exemption. But Shawn Venner and Aedan Scribner, who are raising their 8-month-old daughter, Zelda, in Cabot, said the issue may spark a revival.

“I grew up here in Cabot, and would love my daughter to be able to go to the same school I did,” said Scribner. “But to get her into that school I’m going to have to do something like convert religiously.”

The couple said they are not opposed to all vaccines for their daughter, but strongly support choice in the matter.

There’s been talk among friends of starting a new religion, Venner said, “a religion that says we’ll pretty much have a choice.”

Can you just imagine? I mean, first of all–that church will basically need to be quarantined after a few months, because can you just imagine? Also instead of prayer candles with the Virgin Mary on them they’d need to get ones featuring Jenny McCarthy. They could just call the church “Our Lady Of Perpetual Measles!”


Frankly, religious exemptions are bullshit to begin with. I’m not sure why putting the lives of other children at risk is somehow OK if it’s your religion. I mean, I can’t just walk up to a random person on the street and put a gun to his head and kill him and then tell the police “OH, it’s cool guys. This is my religion.”

If you’re the one that doesn’t want to vaccinate your kids, then you are the one who should be inconvenienced. You shouldn’t be exempted from a law specifically meant to protect the lives and health of other people just because it’s your religion. Or, you know, because you’re a freaking idiot who prefers to listen to other idiots on the internet rather than actual scientists. You should either have to home school your kids or find a private school like one of the Steiner schools where they accept non-vaccinated kids.


Clearly, given the fact that people probably will just go and make up their own religion proves how non-effective simply banning “philosophical” objections is. If there is a loophole, these people will find it, and they will put children in danger.


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