Are Beyonce and Jay-Z getting a billion-dollar divorce?

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They have been married for 11 years now. They have had some tough times with Jay-Z cheated on his wife a couple of years ago, but they have worked it out since then. But now, the Star magazine claims that their marriage is in danger again. “They’ve tried just about everything to make it work, but it may be too late,” a supposed source shared with the outlet. “Bey doesn’t want to waste more time trying to fix something that’s irretrievably broken, and she’d hate for the twins and [7-year-old daughter] Blue to grow up in an unhappy environment.”

Star stated that the recent issue is with Jay-Z’s so-called “love child” Rymir Satterthwaite, who insists that he had an affair with his mother back in 1992. Jay-Z denied the allegations, but allegedly Beyonce can’t bear with it. “Bey’s done her best to put on a brave face through all of the infidelity reports, but actually having a child with another woman is something no wife could ever get over,” said the insider, who added that a divorce “may be the only way for her to find peace in life.”

The insider went on how Beyonce will chase a part of $1.2 billion wealth, and “is going to make sure she gets the bigger piece of their brand’s profit.”  “When they’re working together, they’re formidable, but beyond that, they just don’t have much in common anymore.” What doesn’t add up to this story is, why would Beyonce be upset now, after the allegations of Jay-Z’s son first appeared in 2015? This could only mean that the tabloid’s story is fabricated.

People magazine stated last week how the couple is ‘’closer than ever.’’ They mentioned how the two spent most of 2018 on the road with their kids, and “enjoyed solo date nights and family fun.” The magazine added, “They are definitely looking back at this year with huge smiles.” They even renewed their vows last year.


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