Ashton Kutcher Decries Lack Of Diaper-Changing Tables In Men’s Public Bathrooms

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  • Ashton Kutcher is up in arms about the lack of diaper changing stations in men’s restrooms. [Facebook]
  • “Bachelor” Chris Soules and his fiancee Whitney Bischoff are shacking up together — in Los Angeles, while he films “Dancing With The Stars” — again, I must ask, what about the farm Chris just can’t leaaaaavvvvveeee? [People]
  • Meanwhile, former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe says the new “Bachelorette” twist — catfight!!! — is “downright degrading” because either Britt or Kaitlyn will be sent home by the male suitors on the first night, which means their decision will largely be based on looks not substance. I agree with him, but also, let’s not pretend like substance abounds on “The Bachelor”/”The Bachelorette” in general. [People]
  • Madonna says she felt “incarcerated” during her marriage to Guy Ritchie and that she felt like she couldn’t be “herself.” [Us Weekly]
  • Tony Bennett will sing at Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s wedding. [Us Weekly]
  • The Dancing Kanye meme is really the best thing ever and I am personally obsessed with this collection of Instagram videos. Here’s Kanye dancing to “Return of the Mack” — check out the others at the link. [Instagram]

Kanye steps out to Mark Morrison’s “Return Of The Mack” #Kanye #KanyeDance #DancingKanye

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  • Giuliana Rancic once dated Jared Leto? Whut. [Radar]
  • Thank fucking god, the third season of “The Fall,” one of the besssssssst shows, will continue to star Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson. [ONTD]
  • Chick-Fil-A is opening its first NYC location and I am extremely torn between standing up for LGBT rights and delicious chicken sandwiches. [Death and Taxes]

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