Beauty How-To: Apply Eyeliner on Asian Eyes

Wendy Stokesby:


The best beauty advice is to work with what yo’ momma gave ya. But if yo’ momma is Asian, it’s a little harder to apply eyeliner without looking like your entire lid is covered in black kohl. With the right eyeshadow, liner, and application, you can turn a smudged eye into a cat eye in no time.

Find the Right Eyeliner:
The right liner for Asian eyes is thin-tipped and and easy-glide. Test the liner before purcahsing to make sure it comes out smoothly without too much pressure and the line is fine.

Thinly Apply Starting with the Inner Eye Corner:
Use the tip of a sharpened liner to draw a thin, straight line from the inner corner of the eye to the mid-way point of the lid. Keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible.

Gradually Angle Up, Thickening the Liner Near the Outer Corner :
From the middle of the top lash line until the outer edge of the eye, apply the eyeliner while gradually thickening the liner on the outer half of the lash line.

Line Bottom Lash Line with White Eyeliner:
White liner applied to the lower lash line or the lower inner rim of the eye makes them appear more open and wider. It alos provides a beautiful contrast to the darker upper-lash liner.

Finish Off the Look With the Eye Shadows and Mascara of Your Choice:
Finish the look with a few strokes of your favorite mascara.


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