Below-The-Belt Chic: Designer Condoms

Wendy Stokesby:

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Condoms. So important — yet so not stylish. Until now! For years, condoms haven’t exactly been the next Birkin bag. Instead, condoms are what you peruse in the drugstore aisle late at night, and the big decision is whether to get Trojans or Durex. Recently, though, as safe sex has become the golden rule, fashion designers, hip artists, and condom manufacturers have begun offering up a bevy of stylish choices when it comes to rubbers. Is there really a Marc Jacobs condom? Found out that and more after the jump.

1. The Marc Jacobs Condom. After a few recent sightings of Marc Jacobs condoms online, we had to know. Real or fake? An employee at the Marc Jacobs store in Manhattan confirmed reports: Yep, they’re the real deal. As Jacobs scrawled on the packaging: “Remember, Safety First! xxoo, Marc Jacobs.”

2. You Condoms. If you like your safe sex accessories with a more personal twist, Condomania offers You Condoms. Submit a photo, and you’ll get a condom that features a photo of you, and, say, your co-condom-user, on the wrapper. Of course, if you prefer something more political, there’s their Election Protection line.

3. COOP Condoms. COOP is a Los Angeles-based artist whose devilish-themed artworks you may recognize from Zippo lighters and Foo Fighters posters. His rockabilly style on condoms is a perfect fit for those who are hardcore punks at heart.

4. The Dolphin Condom. A new line of condoms made by Intellx offers condoms that are more like sculptures, among them one that resembles a dolphin. Other styles include one that looks like a submarine, and one that resembles a… beer glass? To each their own condom, one supposes.

5. Radical Suzuki Condoms. If anime is more your style, and you’re into all things Japanese-themed, including your sex accessories, there’s Radical Suzuki’s line of cartoon girl condoms. Like Suzuki opines: “Life is art; art is sex, so life is sex.”

Original by Susannah Breslin

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