Best Roguelike Steam Game 2019 – Classic Dungeon Crawler RPG Games

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There are many games out there in the Steam market that have been developed over the years, and some of them are even free to play. The best games out there though normally come for a price. Steam is a powerhouse of sorts, because you can find games that are in the works, early releases, and more. When it comes to RPG (role-playing games), Steam has probably the most distinctive selection out of any other way to find new games. Today we’re going to talk about the best roguelike steam game that has a wonderful story and platform. This new amazingly fun and perplexing game is called Rogue Empire.

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What is Rogue Empire?

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Rogue Empire is a new game on the Steam platform that has been in development for a while now. With fun classic RPG graphics, this nostalgic game allows you to pick one of seven races, five available classes, (you can be a freaking kitten warrior!), a unique leveling system that borrows concepts of trading card games, such as Magic the Gathering, and more. While you level your character, you can get awesome gear, legendary relics and navigate through an entire world in order to explore the various dungeons and more.

What’s the Status?

The game is in the late stages of Early Access, so it’s almost ready for stable release soon. This is one awesome thing about Steam, it allows you to play games that are still being developed, and once you’ve purchased it and it’s “open to the public”, you don’t have to pay for it again later.

What Are Some Unique Features?

Rogue Empire is constantly in development to add new races, classes, and more. Think of a MUD (old text-based MMORPG’s) with a twist! There is a wonderful storyline that is placed in a world where you must help create a balance because a dark force causes havoc on the lands. Other than this, the skill set and talent tree of your character is solely dependent on collecting skills much similar to trading card games. When you die in the game, you can get valuable soul essences that helps you to unlock other options for gameplay, as well as being able to get special perks and rewards (there are methods built in so this can’t be abused though).
Boss fights are also unique because no other Rogue-styled game has actually had them before. Many of the mechanics that are in the game are unique and have a very interesting twist that will leave you constantly wanting to play more.


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The game has been seen in development on various platforms before (like Twitch and YouTube), and now you can view the gameplay on your own on their YouTube channel, as well as follow them on many social media platforms. They even have their own Discord channel for talking with them. Much like a popular MMO, the game is constantly getting upgraded, which also makes for fun because you can always ensure a fresh new experience when you play a roguelike game like this, and never get bored with it.

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