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Online money making is the newest trend in the market for professionals who are looking to earn something more than their usual income. The most viable way to, therefore, make money is online surveys. These surveys are usually derived from real life scenarios by companies who are looking for a generalized opinion based on their products and other relevant things. This would help them gain a firm foothold with respect to their customer base and in turn customers get paid as well.

There are various websites which are spammed owing to fake surveys, and you need to be sure that the survey on your website is genuine. Below given are some of the prominent websites that contain genuine online surveys, which would get you an assurance of a handsome compensation,

You can also check some of the best online money making ideas which are legit and working.


They have an official website at their disposal called, and they have had an excellent and genuine payout rate for their customers. You need to have a PayPal account at your disposal to receive payments, and the amounts can range up to about $50. The amount is then credited to your account after successful completion of the said survey within 24 hours.


The website through which the company operates and the company sends surveys and opinion polls across the website through multiple tech companies. Touted as one of the most genuine and profitable survey making sites, the payout rates vary from $1 to $20 and the payments are done by cheque. The Company also pays out great deal money of you are able to get referrals which are again a huge advantage to look out for.


SavvyConnect functions much like how the Nielsen program works, and they have introduced an all exclusive and the latest panel called the SavvyConnect panel. Through their website, you would be able to install in the company’s app which can be downloaded on your phone and on your computer. You can get $5 per device every month for the surveys you complete, and it is definitely something that you can check out.


This has termed as one of the most sought after websites there is for online surveys, and the Company has benefitted largely due to the same. Once you get into the website, you would need to fill in the registration details and only then you would be able to log in. The login invites are only sent to specific members, and for every survey that you take, you will get the minimum payout of up to $3. The payments are usually done by cheque or directly transferred into the Visa gift cards.


Parent Speak is a rather unique and a great approach towards taking surveys that are groundbreaking and informative as well. This is a Chicago based research firm, and their website contributes to issues which are largely based on parents. Each and every survey in there gives you the minimum payout of $1 and the maximum of $20. The payments are all done by cheque.


Another online survey website which takes a novel approach just like Parent Speak does, is the Kidzeyes. As the name suggests, this survey is specifically only for kids, and the subject matter for them mostly include, games, electronics, TV shows, cartoons, etc. The website provides the minimum payout of $10, and it is restricted for kids living in and around the United States only. All payments are accordingly done by PayPal and cheque.


This is a specific category which focuses on surveys on teenagers, i.e., kids with age ranging to about 12 – 18 years old. The website has surveys on issues that range from food items, games, TV shows, cartoons, clothes, comics, so on and so forth. For every survey, the payout range can expressly vary from $2 to $20, and there is a minimum criterion that you need to score at least 1000 points to withdraw your money. The payments can be received via cheque only.


Nielsen is one of the most top rated, and a reputed firm which is completely into market research and they interact with their customers through online surveys as well. Many customers and different clients have rated it highly owing to the rate of services that they offer. Nielsen’s website has its own application through which they are able to gather relevant data with respect to their target audience and other relevant details. The payouts every month with Nielsen is up to $1000 every month based on how many people you rope in.


Online surveys are definitely a great option to be considered for quick bucks and some of them mentioned above would make sure that you get your money’s worth and an added bonus to your primary source of income.

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