Celeb To Watch: Beau Garrett’s “Legacy”



Name: Beau Garrett
What You’ve Seen Her In: “Turistas,” “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” the upcoming “Tron: Legacy”

Find out what we love about her, after the jump.

Why We Love Her: We admit, we had no idea who Beau Garrett was until recently. But then we saw her appear on “The Rachel Zoe Project” and were blown away by her chic, effortless style and effect. Garrett began her career as a model for GUESS in the late ’90s and currently serves as one of the faces — along with Halle Berry — of Revlon cosmetics. Garrett began her acting career with a supporting role in the tourists-on-vacay slasher flick “Turistas” and “Made of Honor.” Now she’s primed to make it big, with a part in the upcoming highly anticipated sequel to “Tron.” We expect big things from this Californian beauty.

Original by Julie Gerstein

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