Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sings The “Heavy Boobs” Blues

Wendy Stokesby:


Are you watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend yet? If not, maybe this delightfully written and choreographed music video about having a bigger bosom will convince you. Co-creator, writer, and star Rachel Bloom breaks it down in this musical interlude simply called “Heavy Boobs” from last night’s episode, which includes equally busty backup dancers with a sense of humor. Like, there’s even a good boob-thwacking right in the eye! Holy crap. That almost makes up for having a bra full of accidental snacks.

Although, sure, there are some upsides of having big breasts, Bloom pokes fun at our collective obsession with these “sacks of yellow fat” that can actually be a giant pain in the… back. The episode itself is great, and not just because Rebecca (Bloom) keeps pulling lollipops out of her bra. Honestly, the show just keeps getting better and better.

This isn’t the first time Ex-Girlfriend has addressed the awkward humor of having a female body, especially one that’s not always seen on TV as a leading lady slash romantic interest. “The Sexy Getting Ready Song” shows all the different ways women torture ourselves in anticipation of a date, but the stand-out shot is when Bloom is struggling to pull Spanx over her tummy. If you don’t wince in recognition, well, bully for you.

In addition to the all-too-relatable body stuff, bisexual visibility, mental health jazz, and musical numbers the show offers, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is pulling an impressive switcheroo where our heroine begins to realize that maybe she’s not so heroic after all. Ugh, it’s just so good, you guys!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is on The CW on Monday nights at 8 PM EST.

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