Does Kim Kardashian Copy Naomi Campbell?

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Kim Kardashian has filled the headlines and news for a long time and people constantly notice some new things and some new stuff that are worth commenting. This time, people noticed that Kim Kardashian has started to visit numerous fashion shows and that she has been trying to copy Naomi Campbell’s style.

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Chance the Rapper’s wedding

Many people noticed that it was this wedding that drew attention to Kim and comparisons to Naomi since this was the occasion when Kim wore an astonishing Versace dress, it was a vintage one with the combination of purple, green and blue colors. However, fashion experts immediately recognized this dress to be the same one as Naomi wore in 1996.


This just made people to browse the internet and try to find the similarities in the dressing of two celebrities. The photographs of them two wearing the same outfits filled in the news and the internet. Many people started to comment on Kim’s attitude and her effort to present herself as being original and trend-setter while she just copies Naomi. It also happened that Kim even wore the same extensions as Naomi, which also created a lot of negative comments.

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It should be said, however, that Naomi’s job is to wear designer clothes and thus to present new trends in fashion. Kim, on the other hand, is a person who follows fashion and fashion shows and she, naturally, buys that clothing. Moreover, Kim is not the only one, for sure that wears the same clothes. We should also mention that Naomi is really the one who set fashion trends and that it is not a surprise that people follow her.

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