Essential Tools For Every Jeweler

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Jewelers are the people who practice the craft of making jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. They are the people you visit when you wish to buy a ring to propose to your wife.

Jewelers are amazing in the handcrafting jewelry, and type of jewelry. But in order to that, there are certain, essential, tools that they must own in order to give life to their creations (figuratively speaking of course).

In this short and informative article, we are going to tell you about the most essential of the tools that every jeweler should own.

1. Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers and pliers in general, are the most basic tools that allow jewelers to use their skills to create magnificent jewelry. Flat nose pliers are used for a variety of tasks. They are used for opening jump rings, for finishing wire-wrapped ends, and to a variety of other tasks. When working with flat nose pliers, it’s recommended to use two of the kind in order to work more efficiently. A tip for buying pliers is to look for ones that have a smooth surface between the jaws, in order to avoid leaving crimps in the metal.

2. Loupe

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You know what a loupe is. It is a small device that is used to magnify in order to look at details more closely. A loupe works fairly straightforward. Jewelers look through the jewelry loupe in order to inspect the piece of jewelry more closely, determine its value, determine its originality, and of course, they allow jewelers to create fine details on their pieces. There are many brand and manufacturers of loupes, but we can recommend products from Miracleoptic as they offer some of the best in business items.

3. Round Nose Pliers

Yet another kind of pliers that are very essential for the work of a jeweler is round nose pliers. It takes time and practice in order to master the art of jewelry crafting. What’s more important is that you can use round nose pliers to grab wires and grip it gentry in order to make it smooth. Round nose pliers are essential tools for a professional jeweler, and they should be in your workshop if you choose to learn the craft.

4. Wire Cutters

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As a jeweler, you will be working with wire in order to create the best jewelry. Wire cutters are tools that are used for… cutting wire essentially. They might sound simple, but they are essential for a jeweler. When choosing on buying wire cutters there are two main roads you can go. You can eighter go for the cheaper version and risk the tools wearing out pretty soon. Or you can head down the more expensive road and buy ones that will be able to cut a thicker wire and be more durable.  The choice is yours for the making but do yourself a favor and make the investment.

5. Toenail Clippers

One “tool” that you won’t regret buying cheap is a toenail clipper. It doesn’t matter if you spend $3 or $20 on toenail clippers, they do the same thing regardless of the price. Toenail clippers are smaller versions of wire cutters. While they are used for clipping thinner wire, they are still a great substitute to wire cutters. They are small, compact, and durable tools that some of the more “old school” jewelers still use till this very day.

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