Why you should listen to music while working out

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If we talk about feelings, music is definitely one of the most significant factors that can activate or change them. Music can make you feel happy, sad, excited, melancholic or even scared. Even prehistoric men enjoyed it as a lot of ancient musical instruments were found dating from the earliest ages of the humankind. Today we’re going to talk about the connection between music and working out.

If you’ve ever been to a gym, the first thing you probably noticed is the loud “hype” music playing in the background. There’s a pretty good reason why that’s happening, and we’re going to clarify it in this article. Let’s begin.

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Why every gym has background music?

Before we get to why you should listen to your own music while working out, we need to make it clear why all gyms have loud music playing in the background. Although the connection between these two are similar, they’re not completely the same. Gyms have music because they want to provide a good atmosphere for the people who train there.

It is scientifically confirmed that people who listen to their favorite “pump” music while working perform about 22% better during their workout session. That’s why gyms tend to focus on music that will most likely make the people work better. Plus, if there was no music at the gym at all, the atmosphere would be really awkward. Everything that you’ll be able to hear is people breathing fast, panting or the sound of metal dropping on the floor. Imagine having to hear that every single day, you’ll go crazy. Luckily, music is the savior.

Why you should listen to music while working out

There’s no doubt that music helped tons of people go through hard times. Some people including me, cannot go a day in their life without music. Especially if it’s a training day. The thing about listening to gym music and your own music is that you are free to choose from your favorite songs. All you need is a pair of wireless earbuds for working out, and you’re absolutely good to go.

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Not everyone likes the same kind of music. Some people have a really specific taste, and the music played at the gym might do them more harm than good. If you find yourself in a situation where you literally can’t stand the background gym music, putting on your earbuds and continuing with your session is probably the smartest thing to do. A few weeks back the gym was full with female trainees, and the gym owner decided to play something “softer” so he switched from that good old-school rap to some sort of serenades playlist. Not only that the male trainees were annoyed, but some of the females also switched to earbuds as well. We’re at the gym to train as hard as possible, we need that upbeat tempo music in order to achieve that. Just be careful to switch your playlist as much as you can. You don’t want to over-listen to your favorite songs and start disliking them just like your morning alarm ringtone.

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