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It would seem that the life of the modern Chinese is strikingly different from that which their ancestors led in ancient times. Rapid economic growth, entering the world stage, and impressive achievements in all spheres of life are just a few signs of a booming country. However, even a busy resident of the most modern Chinese metropolis has an invisible connection with the customs of their ancestors. For several thousand years, China has followed its own traditions and beliefs that cover all spheres of human life since birth to death.

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A wedding is certainly one of the most significant milestones in the journey of life. And the Chinese are not lacking in the number of customs associated with the marriage ceremony. Even the choice of the date of marriage is a special ritual for them.

In order to choose a perfect date for a wedding, the Chinese often turn to the so-called Yellow Calendar. It accurately indicates which days are most favorable for each kind of event, and which dates should be avoided.

Before planning a wedding, a Chinese couple will definitely look in the Yellow Calendar to make sure that the day chosen for the celebration really suits them perfectly.

The best time for a Chinese wedding is August and September, that is, the seventh and eighth months of the traditional Chinese calendar. Moreover, Chinese Valentine’s Day is also celebrated at this time.

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At Western weddings, guests usually only guess what dishes will be served at a banquet. But in China, the situation is quite different: the newlyweds prefer to follow a long-established tradition, according to which the main dishes of the wedding table should be chicken and lobster. Chinese people really like symbolic things. All that they do should embody a certain symbolism, even when choosing dishes for a wedding feast.

A chicken is a symbol of the Phoenix. In China, it is believed that the dragon and the Phoenix are the symbols of the perfect couple. That is why, in such solemn moments as a wedding, lobsters and chicken are served together. In addition, fish and noodles are popular wedding dishes. In Chinese, the word “fish” resembles the word “fertile,” and therefore it symbolizes abundance. Long noodles are a symbol of longevity.

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A wedding festive table cannot do without sweets. During a wedding, all comers will certainly be handed out sweets in a red wrapper. This is due to the fact that, according to Chinese traditions, the sweetness of candy symbolizes the sweet beginning of the joint life of the newlyweds and their promising future. Peculiar traditions can also be traced when decorating a wedding cake. Instead of plastic figures of the bride and groom that adorn the top of the cake, Chinese people put images of a dragon and a phoenix there, emphasizing the importance of the symbols of the “perfect couple.” That’s why the main Chinese wedding cake is called “Dragon and Phoenix cake.” It is filled with pasta made of red and green beans.

At Chinese weddings, it is not customary to treat guests with pears, especially to cut a pear. The fact is that in Chinese, the word “pear” sounds just like “go away.” If you cut a pear, it means that you separate the couple and create a distance between the newlyweds. Gold and red are considered wedding colors in China. That is why the sweets offered to guests should be wrapped in red. However, there is one substance that is completely banned despite its red color. The look of blood has always been considered the worst sign, especially in old times. For example, when the wedding took place in the village, and the locals slaughtered chicken or cattle, then blood should have been hidden from the newlyweds as thoroughly as possible.

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After the wedding, the time comes for the so-called tea ceremony. The bride and groom feast parents on both sides, drinking tea. In return, they receive gifts or red envelopes with money and decorations.

Young couples are trying to learn as much as possible about the wedding customs of their ancestors and revive them. It even becomes a peculiar fashion trend.

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    Great article Wendy! is it also true that in China the groom has to send 3 formal letters to the bride’s family if he wishes to marry her? and without these letters, the marriage will not be considered culturally valid? Thanks in advance!

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