Facial Recognition Biometrics in Car Rental Industry

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Through the years the technology has open new doors for us to enter and implement the knowledge that has grown with each spent day in the topic we wish to upgrade. Such is the case with identification throughout the world, and an adequate solution is needed. The complete procedure of presenting and then confirming your identity to the required situations and places involves time, a little energy and patience if you are in a hurry. When approaching this question, the need for a practical solution was emphasized. Car rental industry is just one of many in the sea which are in desperate need of help in the mentioned topic above.

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The present system of recognizing and confirming the customer’s identity has its flows and tends to be questioned for its oversights. Pointing out that mistakes start from that point on, and evolve to lost incomes due to the false presentation of people all around the world. Needless to say, the total amount on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis with the minimal number of made frauds in the car rental industry is unacceptable for any business to endure.

Because of the mentioned reasons and the requirements for improvement, the car rental industry has implemented facial recognition biometrics. Thanks to the software that made this possible, you will soon not be obligated to take out your wallet and photo ID if a camera and software program can scan your face to confirm your identity in less than 30 seconds. The example can be found in the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where earlier this month such an idea put in practice. Such an innovative service you will be able to use soon in Romania, thanks to ASCAR. If you want to visit this city, we suggest you to check out this rent a car service in Bucharest, even for the whole region of Balcan, they are our first suggestion to use.

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According to the people from ASCAR, shortly they will offer two new car rental service. The first one is the mentioned car rental through the facial recognition method. And the second method for car renting is through using the membership card with the unique code number. Starting from next year, the ASCAR has announced they will offer for the loyal customers the option to rent a car with a membership card, with a unique serial number. When scanning the membership card, the customer will be presented with the reserved vehicle on the monitor, after which it is possible to enter the parking and take the chosen car. Similar to this method is the return process for the vehicle, reverse steps are required. First, scan the card and then entering the parking to return the car, the option will be available for those who pay by card, loyal customers and old consumers of the service.

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Facial Recognition Biometrics in the vehicle rental industry in another step for technology, to put the bar up for creativity and process safety in this field of business.  Understanding its benefits, shortly we can expect them to make a “boom” on the market and find their ways in other areas of industry.

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