How Can You Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Marketing in 2019?

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Having an opportunity for surplus choice is not less than a nuisance, particularly in the case of marketing. It is understood that it would be the most irritating thing to make a final decision for buying anything when you have a couple of dozen choices. Well, the same situation can happen with marketers as well.

Although there are lots of marketing platforms available along with effective tactics, still it will be difficult for you to choose the right one for your brand. You will have troubles as well, in case of picking the best social media network. You can trim the broadest area of choices, just by gathering data about your audience and the demographics of the users of every platform.

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Let’s have a look at the brief overview of how you can use social media for marketing, in relevance to the unique user base and environment of each platform.  Every social media-marketing site uses different principles and approaches, so every time you need a novel strategy for a unique platform.

Social media is a must for every business and when you want to grow your business then don’t forget to connect your brand with different social media platforms.

Hunt for Your Targeted Audience

Firstly, analyze who is your targeted audience and on which platforms they are active most of the time? When your audience is active? What do they do on those platforms? What your audience is in search of? To whom, your audience most of the time communicate with? Moreover, how positively they are responding to the platform. Besides, clarifying these queries, you need to know about the key demographics of your targeted audience such as gender, a location of the users as well as getting a common understanding of what each network is used for.

You also need to monitor your competitors like what platforms they are getting success from. You can simply check it out by using Google keyword search such as try searching terms like “craft items + Instagram,” or “crafts + Facebook.” You can merely analyze a broader niche market of users who are active on social media networks.

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Identify Your Objectives on Social Media

Once you have done your work on the part of your targeted audience, you need to understand your goals of social media marketing.  Do you really want to grow your audience or connect with your customers on social media? You need to make an audit of your business and start identifying gaps in your current marketing plans. Do you want to:

  •    Grow your support?
  •    Perk up your customer service?
  •    Make a channel for customer responses?
  •    Update your customers on new products, services, or plans?
  •    Boost traffic to your website?
  •    Conduct informal market research?

In the beginning, instead of defining your goals regarding the number of followers that you want, you have to think about those platforms, which can help you to increase engagement with your audience.  You don’t need to just focus on the number of followers as it never indicates the success of your business.

Although people want to have a larger number of audience, but a larger audience can never produce real results for your business, whereas a highly engaged audience can do this. You need to line up your goals of social media marketing plan along with the platform that can put wings to your goals.

Define Your Resources and Skills

Each platform is unique and uses a different approach for engaging your audience. However, each platform sets off several different groups of skills and need diverse resources to execute. It is essential to line up the needs of your business with a correct social network, besides having the skills and resources for practical use are also crucial.

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Social Media Platform Demographics of Users

In the US, every 7 out of 10 adults approximately have a social media account. Here is a list of the most widely used social media networks around the globe.


Facebook can be the best possible solution when you want a social media presence on a single platform. According to some recent studies, Facebook is announced as the most used social media platform. It came out along with the user base representative of the broadest collection of the population.

This social media network proudly has more than 2 billion active social media users each month, and usually, it is suitable for almost every kind of field and business. With Facebook, most of the brands have created their Pages for sharing written and visual content that users can be engaged with. Facebook has several different advertising tools that allow targeting a specific type of users and optimizing your ads for them.


Instagram is the second most widely used social media platform, and with up to 800 million active users, it is owned by Facebook. Instagram was made for sharing photos and videos. Later, it has emerged as one of the trendiest channels for promoting your brand and business. More than 50% of users follow at least one brand, which makes it vulnerable to appear as an excellent medium for marketers to get connected with the audience.

As an attractive visual platform, it encourages the brands to highlight physical products along with locations. You can get noticed on Instagram by posting quality content consistently as well as using hashtag strategy. When it comes to advertising, it provides all the same variety of features, audience, and targeting tools like Facebook. With shoppable posts and stories, Instagram is known as a one-stop shop for finding out and buying products.

Although, the majority of people use Instagram for business, but a number of the population still exist that only use Instagram for fun and entertainment purpose. Just for the fun purpose, a couple of users buy Instagram followers as well. Whereas, they also tend to find several ways for saving Instagram photos and videos and most probably ( is an excellent way for it.

Not only this, but the Instagram market has now plenty of service providers that claim to grow your account by spending some money. Not all Instagram service providers are real, and scammers exist as well. Well, not all Instagram services are fake, but to have a better idea you can read reviews of different services from IGReviews, which is a trustworthy source that provides reviews.

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Well, Twitter is not that different, but it has some unique features. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is well-known for instant and real-time updates along with trending news as well as sharing attitudes. If you want to receive notifications of updates in your Twitter feed, you can merely follow accounts.

Approximately, you can add 140 characters in a Tweet, but sometimes you may have seen more than that. You can get likes, comments or retweets on your Tweets. You also have an option to share images and videos on Twitter, just like Instagram and Facebook. TweSocial, in the world of Twitter, is a well-known name, which allows you to buy Twitter followers. Basically, not only Twitter users, but every platform users buy followers to grow their engagement level.

Twitter uses hashtag strategy as well; to sort out your content with the help of most used keywords and topics. To reach a more targeted audience, you may have to tweet more often in a day, because of the instant approach it has. It considers the microblogging platform, and on average 330 million monthly active users are present on this channel.

Bottom Line

Once you successfully have known the best platform for your brand, you can have a better approach to manage them.  Keep on searching as the world revolves each second!

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