Fashion trends to follow in 2019

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Just like technology and everything else in general, fashion keeps advancing and changing all the time. It’s sometimes really hard to keep up with the pace unless you’re someone that truly cares and is constantly updated and informed about the latest trends. That’s why we’ve made this article that’s going to help all of you with some fashion tips for the new and upcoming 2019. The world of fashion is pretty tricky. Sometimes things change a lot, and other times they remain the same for a few years in a row. Either way, you should keep reading, and hopefully, our tips will help you to look more stylish and modern in the following year.

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Oversized hats

Oversized hats got pretty popular during the end of our previous year. Fashion experts believe that in 2019 they will get even more recognition and see a lot of use both at fashion shows and in streetwear. Some of these hats are with a very unique design, and when we say oversized, we really mean it. If we take a look at some models on Instagram from last summer, their hats are covering almost half of their back and reach the elbow area on their hand. Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Rosenzweig wore the famous La Bomba hat which costs about five hundred dollars for the “small” version of the hat and about seven hundred dollars for the “full size” version. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe and expand your arsenal for this year, Eweary is a great choice.

Sensible shorts

Many people were amazed at how much use the cycling shorts saw last year. Although that was a really amazing sight, this year things are going to change just a bit, according to fashion experts and analysts. “Sensible” shorts are starting to get pretty popular. This year might be more “boyish” than the previous one when it comes to leg wear. Such shorts have been worn by Alexa Chung and Margaret Howell.

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Waterproof wear

I guess last year’s unpredictable weather taught every fashion model a lesson that you can never be “too prepared”. Jokes aside, waterproof coats, shirts, and skirts really saw a lot of use and gained tons of popularity during the last year. According to fashion stylists and experts, they will continue to be popular in the following year as well. Max Mara and Marc Jacobs are a good example of such outfits.

Neon wear

If you want to be really in the center of attention and glow a lot, neon wear is for you. Vibrant, zesty hues are finally here, and they’re making a huge comeback in the world of fashion. At the end of our last year, a lot of fashion lovers were impressed with the neon outfits, and they’re not planning on changing their mind anytime soon. If you are someone that likes to keep up with fashion, definitely consider getting a set of the outfit in some bright, neon colors.

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Puffed shoulders

Although they’re nothing new, this year will be full of puffed shoulders wear. Instead of the old spiky-ish and bold shoulder look, this year they will be more puffy and elegant. Who says that you can’t look feminine while also having puffy shoulders?

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