Girl Problems: 15 Downsides Of Skirt Season

Wendy Stokesby:


The weather is finally warming up, and skirt season has officially commenced! Personally, I’m not a big fan of pants, so this is always an exciting time of year for me. But along with the fashion and temperature benefits of skirt season comes a whirlwind of frustration, discomfort and girl problems. As I learned yesterday when Inappropriate Subway Man was disgustingly grazing my upper leg, there are quite a few unspoken downsides to letting your legs out for air. Here are 16 I think we can all agree on…

1. More Catcallers: When the legs come out, so do the creepers. Feel free to respond to any and all catcallers in these 25 totally acceptable ways.

2. Breezes: Marilyn Monroe moments aren’t so sexy when you’re wearing granny panties and your “audience” is a horny construction crew.

3. The Accidental Underwear Tuck-In: Let’s just hope you’re not wearing a thong.

4. Creepy Gropers: Commonly found in crowds and on mass transit, so beware.

5. Swamp Ass & Sweaty Legs: Pants absorb sweat, and skirts apparently create it.

6. I See London, I See France: Be careful how you sit, because the world may see your undies.

7. They’re Uncomfortable: They’re either riding up, falling down or giving you a very obvious muffin top.

8. Your Butt/Upper Thighs Touch Seats: This is especially gross on public transportation, but it goes for all seats everywhere. Germ city, bitch … germ, germ city, bitch.

9. Mosquitos, Poison Ivy & Sunburn: Exposing your legs is great and all until you’re attacked by bugs and scalded by the elements.

10. Upskirt Photo Ops: Consider wearing underwear that has a picture of a middle finger on them, just in case. If it can happen to Kate Middleton, it can happen to you.

11. Fear Of Formal Settings: You find yourself somewhere fancy and your skirt is too short. Awkward.

12. Thigh Chafing: Does it get this bad with balls? Someone help, because we can’t take the pain anymore.

13. Getting Caught On Things: This is especially possible in maxi skirts. If you haven’t yet had your skirt caught in a door—whether it be elevator, car, train, or whatever—you haven’t lived. The same goes for someone stepping on it.

14. Awkward Walking: Sometimes skirts will wedge themselves in between your thighs as you stroll, and other times they’ll shift on your body and turn themselves around completely. Whyyyy?!

15. Your Legs Become A Child’s Playground: CAUTION: Young kids love skirts. They love to lift them, hide underneath them and yank at them.

Original by: Katie Oldenburg

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