A Woman Requests Being Buried In Her Ferrari

Wendy Stokesby:


I laughed out loud when I saw a Mental Floss article today about people who made ultra strange last requests in their wills. What tickled me so much is that the kookiest requests came from women. Take Sandra West, an oil heiress who sounds like her generation’s answer to Paris Hilton. When she died at the age of 37, her family discovered that her will dictated that she buried “in my lace nightgown…in my Ferrari, with the seat slanted comfortably.” Her family obliged her last wishes—she was buried in her 1964 powder blue roadster.Then there’s the faction of women who donate crazy amounts of money to their pets. When she died two years ago, hotel and real estate magnate Leona Helmsley left $12 million to her yippy dog, a Maltese named Trouble. Funny thing is—she left two grandchildren out of her will entirely. Oh, but that’s nothing. German millionairess Carlotta Liebenstein left $80 million to her pooch, Gunther. Something tells me that, if she didn’t want to leave her money to her family members, there might have been a charity that could have used that kind of cash.

An honorable mention goes to T.M. Zink, a lawyer from Iowa. Even though he’s a dude, his last request involves women. He asked to have his estate used to build the Zink Womanless Library, where there would be no books by female authors, no magazines with articles penned by ladies, and no “feminine decorations.” And the kicker: the words “No Women Admitted” carved above the door. Luckily, his $100,000 wasn’t even enough to pay for the foundation of a library.

[Mental Floss via CNN]


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