Guaranteed Powerful Ingredients That Will Increase Your Load

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Every woman loves a guy who can load his gun with powerful “ammunition.” It makes them excited, and it shows that you’re virile. And it culminates the great sex with a sensational climax.

Sadly, most men only spill a teaspoon of semen instead of that desired huge load.

And we are going to tell you about the guaranteed ingredients that will increase your load.

Why is your load small?

The reason why your load is so small is directly linked to the food you’re eating. Consuming cheap and fast foods are unnatural and bad for our health. And it’s also bad for your sex life.

Foods that are having a negative effect


Sugar is in everything, and too much sugar is terrible for your sex life. Different foods contain different amounts of sugar in them. Did you know that low-fat yogurt (245 grams) holds up to 47 grams of sugar! Or that 2 tablespoons of BBQ sauce contain 14 grams of sugar. Almost 40% of BBQ sauce is sugar.

Processed carbs

We all love bread, but we also love donuts, pastry, ice cream, pizza, etc. They are filled with processed carbs which are making us fat on the outside, but processed carbs also have a negative effect on our sex life. Processed carbs make us lazy, lethargic, and preventing us from doing what we do best. Cutting down on eating processed foods is a recipe on how to increase your load.



Ingredients guaranteed to increase your load

Food ingredients

Green vegetables

Green vegetables, especially spinach and asparagus, are high in vitamin C which is responsible for the amount of your load. Although, eating lots of asparaguses can make your semen smell and taste awful.


Carrots, oatmeal, and apricots are high in vitamin A which is the vitamin in charge of producing sperm and motility.


Garlic will increase your sperm volume but smells bad if you eat too much.


Bananas contain Vitamin B, which increases stamina and the enzyme Bromelain which increases volume and libido.


Semenax Volume Pills

The easiest and effective way to quickly increase the volume of your load is volume pills. Instead of eating asparagus and garlic you can use volume pills which contain all of that plus pumpkin seeds, maca root, horny goat weed, and L-Lysine. Volume pills have been clinically proven to work.  There is no side effect of using Semenax Volume Pills.

Superfoods that can be used to increase your load

Goji berries

The new popular kid on the superfood block, goji berries are extremely healthy for you and they also improve stamina and mood. Another thing that they are good for you is that they help regulate the temperature in the scrotum, subsequently resulting in higher semen volume.


Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are good for semen production, and semen volume.


If you haven’t heard of ginseng before, well brace yourselves. Ginseng is a herb that is highly effective in increasing stamina, virility and libido. It is so popular that you can find it as capsules in any store.

Maca Root

Another herb that works wonders for your load, maca root is used in everything from face creams to libido boosters. Maca root has direct involvement in sperm production and semen volume, and it can affect your sex drive.

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