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Now, the music industry is one of the biggest out there, and similar to fashion it is always changing. It is interesting that although a few decades ago dance, pop, and rock music were on top of all charts and playlists, now we have hip hop and electronic playing in the clubs with millions of people enjoying the rhythms of house drops and bass. And certainly, for the past few years, hip hop and RnB music have become the two mainstream types that you can hear almost anywhere you go.

On the other hand, other genres didn’t die off – on the contrary, there are still creative people who are producing inspiration rock and jazz music, trying to break their way through. Unless you decide to be a part of the mainstream genres the road to success is not simple – you have to be unique and it takes a lot of effort. Still, Guinevere Q seems to have it all. This young composer, and a poet before all is also a bass player in two SlamRock bands and woman that has been leaving quite an impact during her performances in the past few years. But who is she and what is SlamRock all about – let’s take a look.

Photo Credit: Andy Strong

What Is SlamRock

As they define it SlamRock is the perfect combination of street poetry and transgressive rock. It is the best of both worlds between jazz and rock. And yes, it is a rare music genre where you can actually experience the power of poetry and meaningful lyrics accompanied by strong electrifying sounds. Guinevere Q or more famous as No Big Fucking Deal is touring with two SlamRock bands and surely is one of the main stars of this young genre. As she likes to say there are three main principles to SlamRock – spontaneity, variety, and PUT ON THE FUCKING SHOW! From what you can read it seems that SlamRock is quite a fun thing to be a part of right? Absolutely – we do recommend that you visit at least one performance of Guinevere Q if you want to experience what how do chaos and mayhem combine with powerful poetry lyrics and an electrifying performance!

Who Is Guinevere Q At All

Photo Credit: Andy Strong

As mentioned above this young woman is a multitalented artist, but she mostly likes presenting herself as a singer and a bass player. Apart from that, she is someone who you should call when you the poetry essay deadline is approaching. She is currently performing in two bands The Wyatt Act and Doctor Striker. And when you just thought that that is all, Guinevere Q has something more in stock for all of us. Due to the fact that she was a past community organizer, she still enjoys providing people a theatrical antics and controversial art pieces. Before you decide to go to one of her performances we do recommend that you forget everything that you know about classic rock and mainstream performance – SlamRock will blow you off as it is an antidote to what we are all used to!


Though originally from San Francisco, Guinevere Q and her two bands are now performing across the states and we absolutely recommend that you do go ahead and enjoy one of the live performances. It is something that will change the way you look at music, and you will find yourself singing 20 Motherfuckers or The Man while on your way home!

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