Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Texting Each Other!

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Newly smitten Gwen Stefani (Gwen’s Net Worth) and Blake Shelton gave the fans what they want by indulging in a little PDA on the set of “The Voice.” Here is Gwen dashing into her lover’s arms, to a chorus of cheers. Also they apparently text each other constantly, including during the show. “They kept texting each other during commercials. She didn’t let her eyes off him. Blake said, ‘Did you get my text,’ to Gwen, and Pharrell thought he was talking to him. Blake said, ‘No, I am talking to Gwen.’” Isn’t this exciting?!?!?!?!?!?! [PeopleTHL]

Brooke Mueller’s spokesperson has assured People that Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife and their six-year-old twin boys, Bob and Max, did not contract HIV from the actor, who announced he had the virus this morning on “The Today Show.” Brooke, as well as Sheen’s other ex-wife, Denise Richards, apparently found out about his diagnosis in 2011. Sheen’s two daughters with Richards, Sam and Lola, are both reportedly healthy as well. [People]

Charlie’s ex, Brie Olsen, tweeted yesterday about getting an HIV test, seemingly having just found out like the rest of the world that Sheen had HIV. Olsen and Sheen dated in 2011, during his whole drug-addled tiger blood/winning/goddesses days, which is also around the time that he found out he was positive. [Us Weekly]

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber was also on “The Today Show” this morning, and allegedly requested his dressing room be as far away from Sheen as possible. An “insider” told Radar, “Justin’s team has requested the dressing room away from Charlie. They want to make sure he’s as far away from Charlie as possible…Justin wants nothing to do with Charlie.” I hope that this is reflective of Justin’s desire to be seen as a good guy not a “bad boy” like Sheen, and not, like, some weird HIV phobia. [Radar Online]

Kim Kardashian is “anxious” about the upcoming high-risk delivery of her second child, but is definitely ready for this whole pregnancy thing to be over, because she is not a fan. “I think that I’m really hopeful and you know I manage it really well, but when I write blog posts and stuff like that about how I think it’s just such a miserable experience,” she told E! News. “I mean that’s my experience and I’m not gonna pretend that it’s not…My huge swollen feet I don’t find fun and attractive. And I get I’m so blessed to be carrying a child again when I didn’t think that was possible for me. I do have access to amazing doctors that have been so helpful so I’m hopeful that everything will work out and be fine.”[E! Online]

Never have I wanted to crash a conversation more than the one going on in this photo of new friends Amy Schumer and Amber Rose. [The Cut]

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Watch the cast of “The Night Before,” including Seth Rogen and Ilana Glazer, remake the “Vanderpump Rules” opening credits. [Vulture]

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