10 Celebrity Family Members Locking Lips

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Will and Jaden Smith appeared on Thai TV show “The Woody Show” to promote their new film, “After Earth.” You can watch the full segment here, but let me give you the big highlight. The host asks Will, “Have you ever kissed your son on Thai television before?”  Will replies, “I can kiss my son.” Then he grabs Jaden and kisses him on the mouth. There appeared to have been tongue involved.

Jaden responded to the kissing incident saying, “[That] happens all the time.” I say, to each family their own.

These two aren’t the only famous family members who like to lock lips. Click onward to see other celebrity family members caught kissing. [Hello Beautiful]

Will Smith & Jayden Smith (Again)

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time Jaden has gotten kissed by Will. Looks like it really does happen “all the time.”

Source: Youtube

Annalynne & Angel McCord

Annalynne McCord and sister Angel took a break from shopping to smooch. They must have hit one hell of a sale.

Stephanie Seymour & Son

I don’t care what Stephanie Seymour’s excuse it, being kissed/felt up by your son is inappropriate. End of story.

Angelina Jolie & Brother James Haven

Remember when Angelina Jolie frenched her brother James Haven at the 2000 Oscars? Yeah, me too. Still feel weird about it.

Penelope & Monica Cruz

For a while people thought Penelope Cruz was kissing on her sister Monica in this video directed by her brother Eduardo, which would just be weird all around. But Penelope swears that the actress whose lip she’s suckin’ on is actually actress Mia Maestro. We’re still not sure we believe her.

Quincy Jones Brown & Kim Porter

Last Mother’s Day, Quincy Jones Brown posted this twit pic of him locking lips with his mom, Kim Porter, to express his love for her. The world responded by expressing their discomfort.

Liv & Steven Tyler

I would expect no less than this sort of passionate kiss between Liv and Steven Tyler. Ack.

Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen

Of course there is a photo of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen smooching. Here it is. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way …

Chilli & Son

Good god, is TLC’s Chilli teaching her son how to kiss? Don’t want to know. Must look away.


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