Heidi Klum is a nudist and she’s damn proud of it



In a society where all women are constantly scrutinized for their bodies and clothing choices, it’s always great to hear about a woman who embraces her body. Supermodel Heidi Klum recently said she is a nudist in an interview, and people are losing their minds. The Project Runway host graced the cover of Ocean Drive Magazine and decided to address all of the recent chatter about her topless pics at the beach. Klum, 43, has been spotted and photographed sans bra on several tropical vacations with her 30-year-old bae, Vito Schnabel.

Most people would think her comfort level with her naked body stems from her days as a supermodel, but Klum actually grew up going to nude beaches and those experiences taught her to be free with her body. “I grew up going to nude beaches with my parents, so I’m a nudist,” she told the magazine.

And, while paparazzi photos make is seem like she is parading around in front of a crowd, Klum and her boyfriend are usually in remote locations where she should be able to be free without cameras zooming in to snap pictures of her private time. Even with the cameras, Klum is loving her body and having a damn good time with her hot boyfriend, so she’s a winner.

This interview isn’t the first time the former Victoria’s Secret model has had to defend her right to be topless on vacation. Back in August, she posted a few Instagram photos of herself on vacation in the Caribbean wearing only her bikini bottoms. She spoke to ET’s Denny Directo and addressed the backlash saying, “I’m a European German girl and we like to go topless. Don’t love the tan lines!”

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The fact that she even has to defend or answer questions about her decision to go topless is ridiculous. Yes, she is a huge celebrity, but her vacation time is no different from anyone else’s private time away from work. There’s nothing wrong with letting it all hang out and enjoying some sexy days and nights with a lover – especially in a remote location. The point of going far away from society is to not be seen, so there is no “flaunting” or “PDA” going on. And, even if she posts pictures on her Instagram, she is allowing people a curated glimpse into her personal world, but it still doesn’t make it right for paparazzi to snap hundreds of photos of her private time.

Moral of the story: It’s just boobs people. Relax. They deserve a vacation from bras and clothing, so let your nipples fly free, Heidi Klum.

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