Supermom Surprises Her Transgender Daughter With Her First Dose Of Hormones



There are a lot of amazing mothers out there, but Detroit mother-of-five Erica Maison gives them all a run for their money (sorry, Mom!). When even well intended parents still project their own baggage about gender identity on their kids, Maison has been the biggest supporter of her daughter Corey’s transition.

Corey, now 14-years-old, first realized she identified as female at age 11 when she discovered Jazz Jennings, a transgender YouTuber.  When she told her mother, Maison did everything she could to give her daughter what she needed in order to be happy and healthy.

She found Corey a therapist that specialized in supporting transgender children and their families through the process. She drove 5 hours to the gender clinic at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. She fought with insurance to get a $21,000 puberty-suppressing implant covered, and now she can finally give her daughter the estrogen she needs to transition.

Since posting the video, Corey and her mother have received only positive feedback. “I knew I was taking a chance for negativity when I set it to public, but I did it anyways,” Maison told Buzzfeed.

On behalf of everyone crying watching this video, thank you for doing just that. You and your daughter are important examples of what love is all about.

For more on Corey’s journey follow her on Instagram.

Original by Lauren Vinopal

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