Here Are A Few Tips On How To Learn To Drive

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Driving is a childhood dream of many young boys and girls. But it’s not as easy as you might have imagined it, just step on the gas and turn the wheel. In order to understand how to drive, we must first understand what types of cars are out there to drive. There are essentially two different car types relative to the gear shifting mechanism. One is the automatic driving system, and the other is the manual driving system. All of this is related to changing gears.

The new automatic system does it by itself, you just put the car in drive, and the computer changes gears once you reach the appropriate number of revolutions per minute. The old school manual shift requires you to change every gear using your hand, so you have to develop a feel for when it is an appropriate time for the gear to be changed, otherwise, your car might just shut down. Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at the few tips on how to learn to drive!

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The Important Points In Becoming A Good Driver

Here we will explain how to drive the manual shift since the automatic one is very easy to handle once you have a grasp on the harder stuff:

  1. Prep Work. Before you take a step into the car, you must learn the language of the road. That is what does what sign say and what are lanes and who has priority on a cross section and what all of that means. In order the drive you must learn to read traffic. This service is provided by driving schools. Every driving school has two segments: one, the theoretical part and two, the practical part. In the theoretical part, you will learn everything you need to know to take a seat in a car. When you are ready, you can take something like driving lessons in Paisley and Renfrew.
  2. Pass The Test. Once you pass the test, you will be allowed to take a seat in the car. There are mostly 4 key elements required to drive any manual car: 1. the gas pedal, 2. the clutch, 3. the break and 4. the gear shift, so it goes like this – once you are in the driver seat you should press the clutch, shift into first gear, then slowly begin to let go of the clutch while at the same time adding just a little bit of gas.


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice. Like most things in life, no one is born with skill. Practice makes perfect, try to practice every day. The hardest part for most new drivers is shifting from the first gear to the second. When you are learning this, it will seem impossible and unattainable. But after some practice, frustration, and sweat you will get it, and it will become as it becomes for most drivers – second nature.


The secret of driving is that in a years time it becomes like walking – something you don’t know how you lived without or ever struggled with in the past. Start off by driving alongside an experienced person and once you feel ready to try it out on your own. Believe us, practice is always the key. Best of luck and safe driving!

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