Here’s how to prepare for the Snowflake test

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The Snowflake test is a trendy topic lately as many are discussing it on the Internet, social media, TV shows and radio programs. It seems that employers, CEOs and pretty much everyone else is trying to filter the entitled millennials from those that are ready to commit and work. Snowflake is a term given to those self-entitled millennials that get extremely offended and angry if they don’t get their way. Technically, it’s someone who brings nothing to the table except an entitled attitude, and arguments that they cannot back up.

What this means for all of the snowflakes out there is that if they are ignorant, overly sensitive (which can be hard to define), easily offended, entitled and spoiled, they are about to have a hard time getting hired. However, as long as they’re ready to work and not let their liberal attitudes stand in the way, they are probably good to go. However, it’s easy to assume that someone will eventually get offended, sooner rather than later, and file a discrimination lawsuit. Mr. Reyes, the CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, said that the snowflake test is simply a personality test and that employers have a right to know and chose who is going to work for them. So far, people had mixed feelings about the snowflake test. Some are one hundred percent for it, while others consider the questions to be quite irrelevant at best.
The questions can, in fact, be considered a bit invasive, immoral and illegal.

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We’re about to list some of the main snowflake questions in this type of test so you can judge it yourself.

  1. “What should the minimum wage be”?
  2. “What benefits should a company offer employees, other than the standard ones”?
  3. “How often should employees get raises”?
  4. “How do you feel about guns”?
  5. “How do you feel about employees or clients carrying guns”?
  6. “When was the last time you cried and why”?
  7. “What’s your favorite kind of adult beverage”?
  8. “What do you think about the current college environment as it pertains to a future workforce”?
  9. “What is the best way to communicate with clients”?
  10. “What do you like doing in your free time”?
  11. “How do you handle bullies”?
  12. “What does faith mean to you”?
  13. “What does America mean to you”?
  14. “What does privilege mean to you”?
  15. “How do you handle it when your ideas are shot down”?
  16. “What does your typical breakfast look like”?
  17. “What would you do if a coworker came to you with an idea and you do not like it”?
  18. “What does the first amendment mean to you”?

Certainly, some questions are easier to answer and some harder. There are those that you’re not even exactly sure how you’re supposed to answer, such as “what does faith mean to you”, and those that you’re not sure why you’re supposed to answer, such as “what does your typical breakfast look like”. All in all, if you’re a snowflake looking for a job, good luck!

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